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a:  or ab, prep. with abl. from, by, off
  Translated on in a:  dextro:  cornu:, on the right wing;
  a:  fronte, on the front or in front;
  a:  dextra:, on the right;
  a:  latere, on the side; etc.
ab-do:, -ere, -didi:, -ditus, hide, conceal
ab-du:co:, -ere, -du:xi:, -ductus, lead off, lead away
abs-ci:do:, -ere, -ci:di:,-ci:sus [[ab(s), off, + caedo:, cut]],
    cut off
ab-sum, -esse, a:fui:, a:futu:rus, be away, be absent, be distant,
    be off
; with a:  or ab and abl., Sec. 501.32
ac, conj., see atque
ac-cipio:, -ere, -ce:pi:, -ceptus [[ad, to, + capio:, take]],
    receive, accept
a:cer, a:cris, a:cre, adj. sharp; figuratively, keen, active, eager
    (Sec. 471)
acerbus, -a, -um, adj. bitter, sour
acie:s, -e:i:, f. [[a:cer, sharp]], edge; line of battle
a:criter, adv. [[a:cer, sharp]], compared a:crius, a:cerrime:,
    sharply, fiercely
ad, prep. with acc. to, towards, near
  With the gerund or gerundive, to, for
ad-aequo:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, make equal, make level with
ad-du:co:, -ere, -du:xi:, -ductus, lead to; move, induce
ad-eo:, -i:re, -ii:, -itus, go to, approach, draw near, visit, with
    acc. (Sec. 413)
ad-fero:, ad-ferre, at-tuli:, ad-la:tus, bring, convey; report,
    announce; render, give
(Sec. 426)
ad-ficio:, -ere, -fe:ci:, -fectus [[ad, to, + facio:, do]],
    affect, visit
adfli:cta:tus, -a, -um, adj. [[part. of adfli:cto:, shatter]],
ad-fli:go:, -ere, -fli:xi:, -fli:ctus, dash upon, strike upon; harass,

ad-hibeo:, -e:re, -ui:, -itus [[ad, to, + habeo:, hold]], apply,
    employ, use

ad-hu:c, adv. hitherto, as yet, thus far
aditus, -u:s, m. [[adeo:, approach]], approach, access; entrance
    Cf. adventus
ad-ligo:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, bind to, fasten
ad-loquor, -loqui:, -locu:tus sum, dep. verb [[ad, to, + loquor,
    speak]], speak to, address, with acc.
ad-ministro:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, manage, direct
admi:ra:tio:, -o:nis, f. [[admi:ror, wonder at]], admiration,

ad-moveo:, -e:re, -mo:vi:, -mo:tus, move to; apply, employ
ad-propinquo:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, come near, approach, with dat.
ad-sum, -esse, -fui:, -futu:res, be present; assist; with dat., Sec.
adule:sce:ns, -entis, m. and f. [[part. of adole:sco:, grow]], a
    youth, young man, young person

adventus, -u:s, m. [[ad, to, + venio:, come]], approach,

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