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  ami:citia, -ae\, f., _friendship_ (amicable)
itaque\, conj., and so, therefore, accordingly
  littera, -ae\, f., _a letter_ of the alphabet;
    plur., _a letter, an epistle_
metus, metu:s\, m., fear
  nihil\, indeclinable, n., _nothing_ (nihilist)
nu:ntius, nu:nti:\, m., messenger.  Cf. nu:ntio: 
  pa:x, pa:cis\, f., _peace_ (pacify)
re:gnum, -i:\, n., reign, sovereignty, kingdom
  supplicum, suppli’ci:\, n., _punishment_;
supplicum su:mere de:\, with abl., inflict punishment on;
    supplicum dare\, _suffer punishment_.  Cf. poena

  placeo:, place:re, placui:, placitus\, _be pleasing to, please_,
    with dative.  Cf.  Sec. 154
su:mo:, su:mere, su:mpsi:, su:mptus\, take up, assume
  sustineo:, sustine:re, sustinui:, sustentus\, _sustain_

LESSON L, Sec. 288

corpus, corporis\, n., _body_ (corporal) de:nsus, -a, -um\, dense i:dem, e’adem, idem\, demonstrative pronoun, _the same_ (identity) ipse, ipsa, ipsum\, intensive pronoun, self; even, very mi:rus, -a, -um\, _wonderful, marvelous_ (miracle) o:lim\, adv., formerly, once upon a time pars, partis (-ium)\, f., _part, region, direction_ quoque\, adv., also.  Stands after the word which it emphasizes so:l, so:lis\, m., _sun_ (solar) ve:rus, -a, -um\, true, real (verity)

  de:beo:, de:be:re, de:bui:, de:bitus\, _owe, ought_ (debt)
e:ripio:, e:ripere, e:ripui:, e:reptus\, snatch from

LESSON LI, Sec. 294

  hic, haec, hoc\, demonstrative pronoun, _this_ (of mine);
    _he, she, it_
ille, illa, illud\, demonstrative pronoun that (yonder);
    he, she, it
  invi:sus, -a, -um\, _hateful, detested_, with dative Cf.  Sec. 143
iste, ista, istud\, demonstrative pronoun, that (of yours);
    he, she, it
  li:berta:s, -a:tis\, f., _liberty_
modus, -i:\, m., measure; manner, way, mode
  no:men, no:minis\, n., _name_ (nominate)
oculus, -i:\, m., eye (oculist)
  pri:stinus, -a, -um\, _former, old-time_ (pristine)
pu:blicus, -a, -um\, public, belonging to the state;
    re:s pu:blica, rei:  pu:blicae\, f., _the commonwealth, the state,
    the republic_
vesti:gium, vesti:’gi:\, n., footprint, track; trace, vestige
  vo:x, vo:cis\, f., _voice_

LESSON LII, Sec. 298

  incolumis, -e\, _unharmed_
ne:  ... quidem\, adv., not even.  The emphatic word stands between
    ne:\ and quidem
nisi\, conj., unless, if ... not
  paene\, adv., _almost_ (pen-insula)
satis\, adv., enough, sufficiently (satisfaction)
  tantus, -a, -um\, _so great_
ve:ro:\, adv., truly, indeed, in fact.  As a conj. but, however,
    usually stands second, never first.

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