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  adventus, -u:s\, m., _approach, arrival_ (advent)
ante\, prep, with acc., before (ante-date)
  cornu:, -u:s\, n., _horn, wing_ of an army (cornucopia);
a:  dextro:  cornu:\, on the right wing;
    a:  sinistro:  cornu:\, _on the left wing_
equita:tus, -u:s\, m., cavalry
  exercitus, -u:s\, m., _army_
impetus, -u:s\, m., attack (impetus);
    impetum facere in\, with acc., _to make an attack on_
lacus, -u:s\, dat. and abl. plur. lacubus, m., lake
  manus, -u:s\, f., _hand; band, force_ (manual)
portus, -u:s\, m., harbor (port)
  post\, prep, with acc., _behind, after_ (post-mortem)

  cremo:, crema:re, crema:vi:, crema:tus\, _burn_ (cremate)
exerceo:, exerce:re, exercui:, exercitus\, practice, drill, train


   Athe:nae, -a:rum, f., plur., Athens
   Corinthus, -i:, f., Corinth
  domus, -u:s\, locative domi:\, f., house, home (dome). 
    Cf. domicilium
  Gena:va, -ae\, f., _Geneva_
   Pompe:ii, -o:rum, m., plur., _Pompeii_, a city in Campania.  See map
propter\, prep. with acc., on account of, because of
   ru:s, ru:ris, in the plur. only nom. and acc. ru:ra, n., country
  tergum, tergi:\, n., _back_; a:  tergo:, _behind, in the rear_
vulnus, vulneris\, n., wound (vulnerable)

  committo:, committere, commi:si:, commissus\, _intrust, commit;_
proelium committere\, join battle
  convoco:, convoca:re, convoca:vi:, convoca:tus\, _call together,
    summon_ (convoke)
timeo:, time:re, timui:, ——­\, fear; be afraid (timid)
  verto:, vertere, verti:, versus\, _turn, change_ (convert);
terga vertere\, to turn the backs, hence to retreat


  acie:s, -e:i:\, f., _line of battle_
aesta:s, aesta:tis\, f., summer
  annus, -i:\, m., _year_ (annual)
die:s, die:i:\, m., day (diary)
  fide:s, fidei:\, no plur., f., _faith, trust; promise, word;
    protection_; in fidem veni:re, _to come under the protection_
fluctus, -u:s\, m. wave, billow (fluctuate)
  hiems, hiemis\, f., _winter_
ho:ra, -ae\, f., hour
  lu:x, lu:cis\, f., _light_ (lucid); pri:ma lux, _daybreak_
meri:die:s\, acc. -em, abl. -e:, no plur., m., midday
  nox, noctis (-ium)\, f., _night_ (nocturnal)
pri:mus, -a, -um\, first (prime)
  re:s, rei:\, f., _thing, matter_ (real);
re:s gestae\, deeds, exploits (lit. things performed);
    re:s adversae\, _adversity_;
re:s secundae\, prosperity
  spe:s, spei:\, f., _hope_

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