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limit (final);
    plur., country, territory
  hostis, hostis (-ium)\, m. and f., _enemy_ in war (hostile). 
    Distinguish from inimi:cus, which means a _personal_ enemy
ignis, ignis (-ium)\, m., fire (ignite)
  i:nsigne, i:nsignis (-ium)\, n. _decoration, badge_ (ensign)
mare, maris (-ium[B])\, n., sea (marine)
  na:vis, na:vis (-ium)\, f., _ship_ (naval);
na:vis longa\, man-of-war
  turris, turris (-ium)\, f., _tower_ (turret)
urbs, urbis (-ium)\, f., city (suburb).  An urbs\ is larger than an

    [Footnote A:  The genitive plural ending -ium is written to mark the

    [Footnote B:  The genitive plural of mare is not in use.]


  arbor, arboris\, f., _tree_ (arbor)
collis, collis (-ium)\, m., hill
  de:ns, dentis (-ium)\, m., _tooth_ (dentist)
   fo:ns, fontis (-ium), m.. _fountain, spring; source_
iter, itineris\, n., march, journey, route (itinerary)
  me:nsis, me:nsis (-ium)\, m., _month_
moenia, -ium\, n., plur., walls, fortifications.  Cf. mu:rus
  mo:ns, montis (-ium)\, m., _mountain_;
summus mo:ns\, top of the mountain
  numquam\, adv., _never_
po:ns, pontis\, m., bridge (pontoon)
  sanguis, sanguinis\, m., blood (sanguinary)
summus, -a, -um\, highest, greatest (summit)
  tra:ns\, prep, with acc., _across_ (transatlantic)
vi:s (vi:s)\, gen. plur. virium\, f. _strength, force, violence_

LESSON XLV, Sec. 258

a:cer, a:cris, a:cre\, _sharp, keen, eager_ (acrid) brevis, breve\, short, brief difficilis, difficile\, _difficult_ facilis, facile\, facile, easy fortis, forte\, _brave_ (fortitude) gravis, grave\, heavy, severe, serious (grave) omnis, omne\, _every, all_ (omnibus) pa:r\, gen. paris\, _equal_ (par) pauci:, -ae, -a\, few, only a few (paucity) secundus, -a, -um\, _second; favorable_, opposite of adversus signum, -i:\, n., signal, sign, standard ve:lo:x\, gen. ve:lo:cis\, swift (velocity)

  conloco:, conloca:re, conloca:vi:, conloca:tus\, _arrange, station,
    place_ (collocation)
de:mo:nstro:, de:mo:nstra:re, de:mo:nstra:vi:, de:mo:nstra:tus\,
    point out, explain (demonstrate)
  mando:, manda:re, manda:vi:, manda:tus\, _commit, intrust_ (mandate)


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