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LESSON V, Sec. 47

  coro:’na\, _wreath, garland, crown_
   fa:’bula, _story_ (fable)
pecu:’nia\, money (pecuniary)
  pugna\, _battle_ (pugnacious)
victo:’ria\, victory

  dat\, _he (she, it) gives_
   na:rrat, _he (she, it) tells_ (narrate)

  quia\ or quod\, because

  cui\ (pronounced _c[oo]i_, one syllable), interrog. pronoun, dat.
    sing., _to whom?_ _for whom?_

    [Footnote A:  A conjunction is a word which connects words, parts
    of sentences, or sentences.]

LESSON VI, Sec. 56

ADJECTIVES bona\, _good_ gra:ta\, pleasing magna\, _large, great_ mala\, bad, wicked parva\, _small, little_ pulchra\, beautiful, pretty so:la\, _alone_

  ancil’la, _maidservant_
  Iu:lia, _Julia_

  cu:r\, _why_
no:n\, not

  mea\, _my_; tua, _thy, your_ (possesives)
quid\, interrog. pronoun, nom. and acc. sing., what?

/-ne\, the question sign, an enclitic (Sec. 16) added to the first word, which, in a question, is usually the verb, as amat\, _he loves_, but amat’ne?\ does he love? est, he is; estne?\ _is he?_ Of course -ne\ is not used when the sentence contains quis, cu:r, or some other interrogative word.

    [Footnote A:  An adverb is a word used to modify a verb, an
    adjective, or another adverb; as, She sings sweetly; she is
    very talented; she began to sing very early.]


NOUNS casa, -ae\, f., _cottage_ ce:na, -ae, f., _dinner_ galli:’na, -ae\, f., hen, chicken i:n’sula, ae\, f., _island_ (pen-insula)

de-in’de\, then, in the next place
  ubi\, _where_

  ad\, _to_, with acc. to express motion toward

  quem\, interrog. pronoun, acc. sing., _whom?_

  ha’bitat, he (she, it) lives, is living, does live (inhabit)
  laudat\, _he (she, it) praises, is praising, does praise_ (laud)
parat\, he (she, it) prepares, is preparing, does prepare
  vocat\, _he (she, it) calls, is calling, does call; invites,
    is inviting, does invite_ (vocation)


  Italia, -ae\, f., _Italy_
   Sicilia, -ae, f., _Sicily_
tuba, -ae\, f., trumpet (tube)
  via, -ae\, f., _way, road, street_ (viaduct)

ADJECTIVES alta\, _high, deep_ (altitude) cla:ra\, clear, bright; famous la:ta\, _wide_ (latitude) longa\, long (longitude) nova\, _new_ (novelty)

LESSON IX, Sec. 77

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