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Latin for Beginners eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 299 pages of information about Latin for Beginners.

  incolo:, incolere, incolui:, —­\, transitive, _inhabit_;
    intransitive, _dwell_.  Cf.
habito:\, vi:vo:\
relinquo:, relinquere, reli:qui:, relictus\, leave, abandon
  statuo:, statuere, statui:, statu:tus\, _fix, decide_ (statute),
    usually with infin.

315. The following adjectives are irregular in the formation of the superlative and have no positive.  Forms rarely used are in parentheses.

COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE citerior, hither (citimus, hithermost) interior, inner (intimus, inmost) prior, former pri:mus, first propior, nearer proximus, next, nearest ulterior, further ultimus, furthest

316. In the sentence Galba is a head taller than Sextus, the phrase a head taller expresses the measure of difference\ in height between Galba and Sextus.  The Latin form of expression would be _Galba is taller than Sextus by a head\_.  This is clearly an ablative relation, and the construction is called the ablative of the measure of difference\.


  Galba est altior capite quam Sextus
    Galba is a head taller (taller by a head) than Sextus
  Illud iter ad Italiam est multo brevius
    That route to Italy is much shorter (shorter by much)

317. RULE.  Ablative of the Measure of Difference. With comparatives and words implying comparison the ablative is used to denote the measure of difference.

    a. Especially common in this construction are the neuter ablatives

  eo:, by this, by that nihilo:,[1] by nothing
  ho:c, by this paulo:, by a little
  multo:, by much

    [Footnote 1:  nihil\ was originally nihilum\ and declined like
    pilum\.  There is no plural.]


First learn the special vocabulary, p. 297.

I. 1.  Barbari proelium committere statuerunt eo magis quod Romani infirmi esse videbantur. 2.  Meum consilium est multo melius quam tuum quia multo facilius est. 3.  Haec via est multo latior quam illa. 4.  Barbari erant nihilo tardiores quam Romani. 5.  Tuus equus est paulo celerior quam meus. 6.  Ii qui paulo fortiores erant prohibuerunt reliquos aditum relinquere. 7.  Inter illas civitates Germania milites habet optimos. 8.  Propior via quae per hanc vallem ducit est inter portum et lacum. 9.  Servi, qui agros citeriores incolebant, priores dominos relinquere non cupiverunt, quod eos amabant. 10.  Ultimae Germaniae partes numquam in fidem Romanorum venerunt. 11.  Nam trans Rhenum aditus erat multo difficilior exercitui Romano.

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