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obligation I could possibly receive, would be the highest ingratitude.  It is to YOU I owe that reputation I have acquired for some years past of being a lover of my country and its constitution:  to YOU I owe the libels and scurrilities conferred upon me by the worst of men, and consequently some degree of esteem and friendship from the best.  From YOU I learned the skill of distinguishing between a patriot and a plunderer of his country:  and from YOU I hope in time to acquire the knowledge of being a loyal, faithful, and useful servant to the best of princes, King George the Second; and therefore I can conclude, by your example, but with greater truth, that I am not only with humble submission and respect, but with infinite gratitude, Sir, your most obedient and most obliged servant,

W. P.


Acheson, Sir Arthur, 246.

Alberoni’s expedition, 207.

  Allen, Joshua, Lord, his attack on Swift, 168, 169, 175, 176, 236, 237;
    account of, 175.

  America, emigration from Ireland to, 120.

  Arachne, fable of, 21.

  Ballaquer, Carteret’s secretary, 242.

  Bank, proposal for a national, in Ireland, 27, 31, 38, 42, 43;
    subscribers to the, 49-51.

  Barbou, Dr Nicholas, 69.

  Barnstaple, the chief market for Irish wool, 18.

  Beggars in Ireland, 70;
    Proposal for giving Badges to, 323-335;
    reason for the number of, 341.

  Birch, Colonel John, 6.

  Bishops, Swift’s proposal to sell the lands of the, 252 et seq.

  Bladon, Colonel, 23.

  Bolingbroke, Lord, his contributions to the “Craftsman,” 219, 375, 377.

  Boulter, Archbishop, his scheme for lowering the gold coinage, 353;
    opposed by Swift, 353, 354.

  Browne, Sir John, his “Scheme of the money matters of Ireland,” 66;
    Swift’s answer to his “Memorial,” 109-116.

  Burnet, William, 121.

  Carteret, John, Lord, 227;
    Swift’s Vindication of, 229-249.

  Coinage, McCulla’s proposal about, 179-190;
    Swift’s counter-proposal, 183.

  Coining, forbidden in Ireland, 88, 134.

  Compton, Sir Spencer, 387.

  Corn, imported into Ireland from England, 17.

  “Cossing,” explained, 271.

  Cotter, ballad upon, 23.

  “Craftsman,” the, 219, 375, 397, 399.

  Davenport, Colonel, 280.

  Delany, Dr. Patrick, 244.

  Dublin, thieves and roughs in, 56;
    Examination of certain Abuses, etc, in, 263-282;
    Advice to the Freemen of, in the Choice of
    a Member of Parliament, 311-316;
    Considerations in the Choice of a Recorder of, 319, 320.

  Dunkin, Rev. William, Swift’s efforts in behalf of, 364, 368.

  Dutton-Colt, Sir Harry, 280.

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