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Abbey, future ease and freedom from worry.

Acorn, improvement in health, continued health, strength, and good fortune.

Aircraft, unsuccessful projects.

Anchor, a lucky sign; success in business and constancy in love; if cloudy, the reverse must be read.

Angel, good news, especially good fortune in love.

Apes, secret enemies.

Apples, long life; gain by commerce.

Apple-tree, change for the better.

Arch, a journey abroad.

Arrow, a disagreeable letter from the direction in which it comes.

Ass, misfortune overcome by patience; or a legacy.

Axe, difficulties overcome.

Badger, long life and prosperity as a bachelor.

Basket, an addition to the family.

Bat, fruitless journeys or tasks.

Bear, a long period of travel.

Beasts, other than those mentioned, foretell misfortune.

Birds, a lucky sign; good news if flying, if at rest a fortunate journey.

Boat, a friend will visit the consultant.

Bouquet, one of the luckiest of symbols; staunch friends, success, a happy marriage.

Bridge, a favourable journey.

Building, a removal.

Bull, slander by some enemy.

Bush, an invitation into society.

Butterfly, success and pleasure.

Camel, a burden to be patiently borne.

Cannon, good fortune.

Car (Motor), and carriage, approaching wealth, visits from friends.

Cart, fluctuations of fortune.

Castle, unexpected fortune or a legacy.

Cat, difficulties caused by treachery.

Cathedral, great prosperity.

Cattle, prosperity.

Chain, an early marriage; if broken, trouble in store.

Chair, an addition to the family.

Church, a legacy.

Circles, money or presents.  They mean that the person whose fortune is read may expect money or presents.

Clouds, serious trouble; if surrounded by dots, financial success.

Clover, a very lucky sign; happiness and prosperity.  At the top of the cup, it will come quickly.  As it nears the bottom, it will mean more or less distant.

Cock, much prosperity.

Coffin, long sickness or sign of death of a near relation or great friend.

Comet, misfortune and trouble.

Compasses, a sign of travelling as a profession.

Cow, a prosperous sign.

Cross, a sign of trouble and delay or even death.

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