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Gore’s Electro-Metallurgy, 10

Gospel (The) for the Nineteenth Century, 16

Grant’s Ethics of Aristotle, 5

Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson, 7

Greville’s Journal, 1

Griffin’s Algebra and Trigonometry, 10

Grove on Correlation of Physical Forces, 9

Gwilt’s Encyclopaedia of Architecture, 13

Hale’s Fall of the Stuarts, 3

Hartwig’s Works on Natural History, &c., 11

Hassall’s Climate of San Remo, 17

Haughton’s Physical Geography, 11

Hayward’s Selected Essays, 6

Heer’s Primeval World of Switzerland, 11

Helmholtz’s Scientific Lectures, 9

Herschel’s Outlines of Astronomy, 8

Hopkins’s Christ the Consoler, 16

Horses and Roads, 19

Hoskold’s Engineer’s Valuing Assistant, 13

Hullah’s History of Modern Music, 11
  Transition Period, 12

Hume’s Essays, 6
  Treatise on Human Nature, 6

Ihne’s Rome to its Capture by the Gauls, 3
  History of Rome, 2

Ingelow’s Poems, 18

Jago’s Inorganic Chemistry, 12

Jameson’s Sacred and Legendary Art, 13

Jenkin’s Electricity and Magnetism, 10

Jerrold’s Life of Napoleon, 1

Johnson’s Normans in Europe, 3
  Patentee’s Manual, 21

Johnston’s Geographical Dictionary, 8

Jukes’s New Man, 16
  Second Death, 16
  Types of Genesis, 16

Kalisch’s Bible Studies, 15
  Commentary on the Bible, 16
  Path and Goal, 5

Keller’s Lake Dwellings of Switzerland, 11

Kerl’s Metallurgy, by Crookes and Roehrig, 14

Knatchbull-Hugessen’s Fairy-Land, 18
  Higgledy-Piggledy, 18

Landscapes, Churches, &c., 7

Latham’s English Dictionaries, 7
  Handbook of English Language, 7

Lecky’s History of England, 1
  European Morals, 3
  Rationalism, 3
  Leaders of Public Opinion, 4

Lee’s Geologist’s Note Book, 11

Leisure Hours in Town, 7

Leslie’s Political and Moral Philosophy, 6

Lessons of Middle Age, 7

Lewes’s History of Philosophy, 3

Lewis on Authority, 6

Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English Lexicons, 8

Lindley and Moore’s Treasury of Botany, 20

Lloyd’s Magnetism, 9
  Wave-Theory of Light, 10

Longman’s (F.W.) Chess Openings, 20
  Frederic the Great, 3

Longman’s (F.W.) German Dictionary, 8
  (W.) Edward the Third, 2
  Lectures on History of England, 2
  Old and New St. Paul’s, 13

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