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Chess Openings.  By F.W.  LONGMAN, Balliol College, Oxford.  New Edition.  Fcp. 8vo. 2_s._ 6_d._

Pewtner’s Comprehensive Specifier; a Guide to the Practical Specification of every kind of Building-Artificer’s Work.  Edited by W. YOUNG.  Crown 8vo. 6_s._

Modern Cookery for Private Families, reduced to a System of Easy Practice in a Series of carefully-tested Receipts.  By ELIZA ACTON.  With 8 Plates and 150 Woodcuts.  Fcp. 8vo. 6_s._

Food and Home Cookery.  A Course of Instruction in Practical Cookery and Cleaning, for Children in Elementary Schools.  By Mrs. BUCKTON.  Woodcuts.  Crown 8vo. 2_s._

The Ventilation of Dwelling Houses and the Utilisation of Waste Heat from Open Fire-Places, &c.  By F. EDWARDS, Jun.  Second Edition.  With numerous Lithographic Plates, comprising 106 Figures.  Royal 8vo. 10_s._ 6_d._

Hints to Mothers on the Management of their Health during the Period of Pregnancy and in the Lying-in Room.  By THOMAS BULL, M.D.  Fcp. 8vo. 2_s._ 6_d._

The Maternal Management of Children in Health and Disease.  By THOMAS BULL, M.D.  Fcp. 8vo. 2_s._ 6_d._

American Farming and Food.  By FINLAY DUN, Special
Correspondent for the ‘Times.’  Crown 8vo. 10_s._ 6_d._

The Farm Valuer.  By JOHN SCOTT, Land Valuer.  Crown 8vo. 5_s._

Rents and Purchases; or, the Valuation of Landed Property, Woods,
Minerals, Buildings, &c.  By JOHN SCOTT.  Crown 8vo. 6_s._

Economic Studies.  By the late WALTER BAGEHOT, M.A.  Fellow of
Univ.  Coll.  London.  Edited by R.H.  HUTTON. 8vo. 10_s._ 6_d._

Economics for Beginners By H.D.  MACLEOD, M.A.  Small crown
8vo. 2_s._ 6_d._

The Elements of Economics.  By H.D.  MACLEOD, M.A.  In 2 vols. 
VOL.  I. crown 8vo. 7_s._ 6_d._

The Elements of Banking.  By H.D.  MACLEOD, M.A.  Fourth
Edition.  Crown 8vo. 5_s._

The Theory and Practice of Banking.  By H.D.  MACLEOD, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 26_s._

The Resources of Modern Countries; Essays towards an Estimate of the
Economic Position of Nations and British Trade Prospects.  By ALEX
WILSON. 2 vols. 8vo. 24_s._

The Patentee’s Manual; a Treatise on the Law and Practice of Letters Patent, for the use of Patentees and Inventors.  By J. JOHNSON, Barrister-at-Law; and J.H.  JOHNSON, Assoc.  Inst.  C.E.  Solicitor and Patent Agent.  Fourth Edition, enlarged. 8vo. price 10_s._ 6_d._

Willich’s Popular Tables Arranged in a New Form, giving Information &c. equally adapted for the Office and the Library.  Ninth Edition, edited by M. MARRIOTT, Barrister.  Crown 8vo. 10_s._


Abbey & Overton’s English Church History, 15

Abney’s Photography, 10

Acton’s Modern Cookery, 20

Alpine Club Map of Switzerland, 17
  Guide (The), 17

Amos’s Jurisprudence, 5
  Primer of the Constitution, 5
  50 Years of English Constitution, 5

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