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1.  Those who possessed four beasts of burden and one cow.
2.   "    "      "     two    "       "      "       "
3.   "    "      "     one cow only.

By the Convention above named each class was to receive the following land, to be paid for in certain cases by twenty-two days’ labour, 1/10th of the harvest and 1/5th of the hay.

CLASS 1.—­(11 pogones, or 5-1/2 hectares), or about 14 acres, namely: 

3 pogones = about 3-8/10 acres arable.
3    "    =   "   3-8/10   "   hay.
5    "    =   "   6-4/10   "   pasturage.

CLASS 2.—­7-8/10 pogones, or about 10 acres, viz.: 
                   3-8/10 acres arable.
                   3-8/10 " pasturage.
                   2-8/10 " hay; and

CLASS 3.—­4-1/2 pogones, or about 5-1/2 acres, viz.: 
                   3-8/10 acres arable.
                   1-2/10 " hay.
                   6/10 " pasturage.

In 1864 these holdings, varying, therefore, from 5 to 14 acres, were converted into freeholds at about 2_l._ per acre, repayable (as stated in the text) in fifteen years, with 10 per cent. interest.

Mr. White, our Minister at Bucarest, has favoured us with the following information on the same subject:—­

The peasant heads of families who were endowed with land (in 1864) received freeholds: 

In Wallachia 279,684, averaging 9.1 English acres. " Moldavia 127,214 " 12.08 " "
                 406,898 holdings, average 10.6 "



The following works, all of which have been consulted in the preparation of this treatise, deal either with the past history or present condition of Roumania.  The words italicised are those used in the notes appended to the text, where also references will be found to other books and official reports, of which the titles are given in full.

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Consular Reports on Roumania (referred to specially in the text)—­
  Consul-General Green.  May 1873. 
  Consul-General Vivian.  October 1876. 
  Consul-General Sanderson. 1877. 
  Vice-Consul Bonham. 1878. 
Sold by King, King Street, Westminster.

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