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No amount of reasoning—­religious or otherwise—­has as yet annihilated the possibility of all forms of earthly life possessing spirits.


I heard the foregoing account from my husband when first I met him years ago, and I know it to be true.  I have seen the rooms, etc. in the Old Manor House, Oxenby, where the incidents Mrs. Hartnoll mentions took place.


July 2, 1913.

To further substantiate my views with regard to a future existence for animals, I reproduce (by permission of the Editor) the following letters and articles that have appeared from time to time in the Occult Review:—­

Letter 1

That other Cat

One evening about four years ago I was in my drawing-room with two friends; we were all standing up on the point of going to bed, and only waiting till the old cook had succeeded in inducing the grey Persian cat to come in for the night.  This was sometimes difficult, and then cook came up as on this occasion and called him from the balcony, and the French window was wide open, when a cat rushed in at the window and through the door.

“What was that?” we said, looking at one another.  It was not Kitty, the grey Persian, but darker, and was it really a cat, or what?  My friend “Ruegen” has written the account of what she saw before seeing what I have said.  “Iona” confirms our description.  What I saw seemed dark and shadowy and yet unmistakably a cat.  It seemed to me like the predecessor of Kitty, which was a black Persian; he had the same habit of coming in at night by this window, and he constantly rushed through the room, and downstairs, being in a hurry for his supper.  A moment or two afterwards the grey cat walked slowly in, and though we searched the house, we could find no other.


Letter 2

Fraeulein Mullet’s Story

Three or four years ago, Iona and I were sitting in the drawing-room on a Sunday evening, when cook came in to ask for Kitty (a silver-grey Persian cat) to settle him in the kitchen for the night.  Kitty was still in the garden, and cook went to the balcony calling him.

Suddenly I saw a black cat flying in and disappearing behind or under a seat.  First, I did not take much notice of this.  But when a minute after Kitty slowly and solemnly stepped in, followed by cook, it struck me that the dark something could not have been Kitty, and Thanet and Iona made the remark simultaneously.  Now we began to look for the dark one all over the place without any result.  Cook had not seen any cat passing her on the balcony, but Kitty the grey one.  Thanet had had a black Persian cat, which died before Kitty came.


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