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Amsterdam, Radisson’s early visit to, 42.

Arctic Ocean, Hearne’s overland trip to, 257-265; arrival at, 265-266;
Mackenzie’s trip of exploration to, 281-286.

Arms, supplied to Mohawks by Dutch, 9 n.; desire for, cause of Sioux’ friendliness to Radisson, 120, 122.

Assiniboine Indians, origin of name, 10 n., 85; Radisson learns of, from prairie tribes, 85; defence of the younger Groseillers by, 184; De la Verendrye meets the, 218-221; accompany De la Verendrye to the Mandans, 223-227; Saint-Pierre’s encounter with, 237.

Assiniboine River, 218, 219, 221-222.

Athabasca country, Hearne explores the, 268-269.

Athabasca Lake; Hearne’s arrival at, 268-269.

Athabasca River, 277.

Athabascan tribes, Matonabbee and the, 249.

Aulneau, Father, 210, 211; killed by Indians, 214.


Baptism of Indian children by Radisson and Groseillers, 92.

Barren lands, region of “Little Sticks,” 253-254, 259-260.

Bath of purification, Indian, 14, 268.

Bay of the North. See Hudson Bay.

Bayly, Charles, governor of Hudson’s Bay Company, 140; in Canada, 140-142; encounter with the Jesuit Albanel, 141-142, 147; accusations against Radisson and Groseillers, 147-148.

Bear, Lewis’s experience with a, 318.

Beauharnois, Charles de, governor of New France, 201, 203, 235.

Beaux Hommes, Crow Indians, 232.

Beckworth, prisoner among Missouri Indians, 33.

Belmont, Abbe, cited, 5 n., 98 n.

Bering, Vitus, 195.

Bigot, intendant of New France, 236.

Bird, prisoner of the Blackfeet, 33.

Bird’s egg moon, the (June), 279.

Blackbird, Omaha chief, grave of, 311.

Bochart, governor of Three Rivers. See Duplessis-Kerbodot.

Boesme, Louis, 70.

Boissons, drinking matches, 280.

Boston, Radisson and Groseillers in, 136.

Bourassa, voyageur, 213.

Bourdon, Jean, explorations by, 102, 134 n.

Bow Indians, the, 232-233.

Bridgar, John, governor of Hudson’s Bay Company, 166, 169, 171, 173, 174, 175, 180.

Brower, J. V., cited, 88 n.

Bryce, Dr. George, 6 n., 88 n., 187 n.

Buffalo-hunts, Sioux, 92 n., 124.

Button, Sir Thomas, explorations of, 134 n.


Cadieux, exploit and death of, 197-198.

Cameahwait, Snake Indian chief, 324-326.

Cannibalism among Indians, 24, 77.

Cannibals of the Barren Lands, 255.

Cape Breton, discovery and fortification of, 350.

Caribou, Radisson’s remarks on, 127.

Caribou herds in Barren Lands, 255; Indian method of hunting, 259.

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