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I am, my dear mother, to my father and to you,

most obedient servant,
  (signed) CHOUART.

And below is written:—­


I pray you to see on my behalf M. du Lude, and assure him of my very humble services.  I will have the honor of seeing him as soon as I can.  Please do the same with M. Peray and all our good friends.



Held at fort Pontchartrain, in lake Erie strait, 8th June, 1704.

By the indians Kiskacous, Ottawa, Sinagot of the Sable Nation, Hurons, Saulteurs (Sault Indians), Amikoique (Amikoues), Mississaugas, Nipissings, Miamis and Wolves, in the presence of M. de Lamothe-Cadillac, commanding at the said fort; de Tonty, captain of a detachment of Marines; the rev F. Constantin, Recollet missionary at the said post; Messrs Desnoyers and Radisson, principal clerks of the Company of the Colony, and of all the French, soldiers as well as voyageurs.

The one named FORTY SOLS, (40 half-penny), indian chief of the Huron nation speaks as much on behalf of the said nation as of all those present at the meeting.

The French having come, he said:—­

“We ask that all the French be present at this Council so that they hear and know what we will say to you.

“We are well on this land, it is very good, and we are much pleased with it; listen well, father, we pray you.

“Mrs de Tonty went away last year; she did not return; we see you going away to-day, father, with your wife, your children and all the Frenchwomen as well as that of M. Radisson, who is going down with you; that reveals to us that you abandon us.

“We are angry for good and ill-disposed if the women go away.  We pray you to pay attention to this because we could not stop you nor your young men:  we demand that Radisson remains, or at least, that he returns promptly.”


“We will escort your wife and the other Frenchwomen who intend to go down to Montreal.  Now, mind well what we are asking you.

“We readily see that the Governor is a liar, as he does not keep to what he has promised us; as he has lied to us we will lie to him also, and we will listen no more to his word.

“What brings that man here (speaking of M. Desnoyers)?  We do not know him and do not understand him; we are ill-disposed.  It is two years since you have been gathering in our peltries, part of which has been taken down; we will allow nothing to leave until the French come up with goods.”


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