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Suddenly, on another page, came a change.  A new hand had taken up the work—­that of a novice.  He had not the skill of the previous worker in his best days, but the indecision of his lines was that of inexperience, not of failing ability.  Gradually he improved.  His colours were clearer and ground more smoothly; his gold showed a more glassy surface.  The book ended as it had begun, a virile work of art; but in the course of its making, one man had grown old, lost his skill, and died, and another had started in his immaturity, gained his education, and devoted his best years to this book.

The printing press stands for all that is progressive and desirable; modern life and thought hang upon this discovery.  But in this glorious new birth there was sacrificed a certain indescribable charm which can never be felt now except by a book lover as he turns the leaves of an ancient illuminated book.  To him it is given to understand that pathetic appeal across the centuries.



Arts and Crafts Movement.  O. L. Triggs. 
Two Lectures.  William Morris. 
Decorative Arts.  William Morris. 
Treatises of Benvenuto Cellini. 
Library of British Manufactories. 
Gold and Silver.  Wheatley. 
Ye Olden Time.  E. S. Holt. 
Arts and Crafts Essays.  Ed. by Morris. 
Industrial Arts.  Maskell. 
Old English Silver.  Cripps. 
Spanish Arts.  J. E. Rianio. 
History of the Fine Arts.  W. B. Scott. 
Art Work in Gold and Silver.  P. H. Delamotte. 
Gold and Silver.  J. H. Pollen. 
Une Ville du Temps Jadis.  M. E. Del Monte. 
Industrial Arts.  P. Burty. 
Arts of the Middle Ages.  Labarte. 
Miscellanea Graphica.  Fairholt. 
Artist’s Way of Working.  R. Sturgis. 
Jewellery.  Cyril Davenport. 
Enamels.  Mrs. Nelson Dawson. 
Precious Stones.  Jones. 
Ghiberti and Donatello.  Leader Scott. 
Iron Work.  J. S. Gardner. 
Guilds of Florence.  E. Staley. 
Armour in England.  J. S. Gardner. 
Foreign Armour in England.  J. S. Gardner. 
Cameos.  Cyril Davenport. 
Peter Vischer.  Cecil Headlam. 
St. Eloi and St. Bernward.  Baring Gould; Lives of the Saint. 
European Enamels.  H. Cunynghame. 
Intarsia and Marquetry.  H. Jackson. 
Pavement Masters of Siena.  R. H. Cust.  Sculpture in Ivory.  Digby
Wyatt.  Ancient and Mediaeval Ivories.  Wm. Maskell.  Ivory Carvers of
the Middle Ages.  A. M. Cust.  Arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. 
P. Lacroix.  Ivories.  A. Maskell.  Old English Embroidery.  F. and H.
Marshall.  The Bayeux Tapestry.  F. R. Fowke.  History of Tapestry. 
W. G. Thomson.  La Broderie.  L. de Farcy.  Textile Fabrics.  Dr. Rock. 
Needlework as Art.  Lady Alford.  History of Needlework.  Countess
of Wilton.  Gilds; Their Origins, etc.  C. Walford.  Tapestry.  A.
Champeaux.  Tapestry.  J. Hayes.  Ornamental

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