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[Footnote 3:  The numbers in parentheses refer to the ground plan,
figure 241.]


sp;                                                    Page
  Agriculture among the Navaho 503

Bark used in Navaho structures                               493
Benches in Navaho houses                                     496
Butts and tips in Navaho house building                 489, 490
Cardinal Points of the Navaho 488, 500, 502, 508, 511
Carriso Mountains described 477
Ceremony, see Dedication. 
Chaco Valley described 478, 479
Chelly Canyon occupied by the Navaho 483
Chinlee Valley described 478
Choiskai Mountains described 477
Cornmeal used in Navaho house dedication 504, 505

Dawn God of the Navaho                                       489
Decoration, lack of, in Navaho houses                        487
Dedication of Navaho houses                             476, 504
Descent among the Navaho                                     485
Dogs among the Navaho                                        484
Doorframes of Navaho houses                                  492
Drill, fire, of the Navaho                                   501

  Environment, effect of, on primitive people 475
  Estufa, see Kiva.

Feast at Navaho house dedication                             506
Fire-Making by the Navaho                                    501
Frog in Navaho genesis                                       488
Ganamucho, former Navaho chief                               478
Genesis of the Navaho                                        488
Government of the Navaho                                     485

  Hogans, see Houses. 
  Hopi and Navaho compared 485, 486
  Houses, see Tcindi Hogan.

Kearny, Gen., conquest of New Mexico by                    502
Kivas partly subterranean                                    496
Land division of, by the Navaho                              485
Lukachukai mountains described                               477

  Matthews, W., acknowledgments to 476, 488
  Mindeleff, Victor, data by, on Navaho houses 476
    ——­, on origin of pueblo house benches 496
  Mortuary Customs of the Navaho 487
  Myth, see Genesis.

  Navaho former and present condition compared 502
    ——­ habitat, description of 477
    ——­, habits of the 481
    ——­, modern condition of the 486
    ——­ population 483
  New Mexico, see Navaho. 
  Nomenclature of Navaho house building 491, 514-517

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