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The Collector is not infrequently perplexed by the various terms employed, and the fullest explanations are here given of such.

Much interesting information is also included as to the various classes of and the manufacture of the paper employed, the typography, the embossing, the perforating or rouletting, together with many instructive and interesting details connected with the fascinating science of Stamp collecting.

Price 2/- in strong Paper Cover, 4/- in Gilt Cloth; post-free, 3d. extra.

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Two Hundred Names of Colours used in Printing, &c.

Specially prepared for Stamp Collectors by B. W. WARHURST.

Useful for many businesses in which coloured articles are bought and sold, and to give a more definite idea of the colours represented by certain names in common use, which are very frequently misunderstood.


Printed in TEN differently coloured inks on as many different papers, and further explained by diagram and ILLUSTRATED IN FIFTY-EIGHT COLOURS.

Price 2/6 in strong Paper Cover, 4/6 in Gilt Cloth; postage 3d. extra.

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After examining some scores of different sorts, we have been able to get one combining the greatest power with the largest field obtainable for pocket use.  These glasses are mounted in handsome vulcanite frames, and are very compact.  There are two lenses in each, which may be used singly, or if a very strong power is desired, may be combined.

Price 7/6; post-free, 7/7; abroad, 8/4.

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The accompanying illustration will give the best idea of what this is.  It consists of a pair of needle-pointed spring compasses, capable, by means of an adjusting screw, of measuring with the greatest accuracy all surcharges up to 40 millimetres in length.  In addition to the measure a millimetre gauge is obtained by running the head of the screw along a piece of paper, a series of lines exactly a millimetre apart being thus indented in the paper.  For measuring surcharges on such stamps as Natal, Straits Settlements, &c., this will be found invaluable, and also in the detection of forgeries—­a forgery or forged surcharge very seldom being exactly the same size as the original.

Price 7/6; post-free, 7/7; abroad, 7/11.

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Prepared Stamp Mounts.


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