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The most suitable Album published for Advanced Collectors.

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Several important improvements have been introduced into this New Edition, suggested by increased experience, and greatly enhancing the use of this Work.  Especially produced in answer to numerous inquiries for a really permanent blank Album.  It will be found suitable for the reception of the most extensive and complete collection possible.  It is also adaptable for Post Cards, Revenue Stamps, or entire Envelopes.  Collectors using Albums of this class frequently resort to books not specially manufactured for the purpose, and hence unsuitable, or the more expensive and very often unsatisfactory mode of having them expressly made; it is to meet this want that this Album is published, and all that experience can suggest has been carried out to make it worthy the use of even the most advanced collectors, and adaptable to any arrangement that may be desirable.

It is likewise especially applicable for the use of those Philatelists who arrange their collections by the Catalogue published by ourselves or any other standard list.  This Album is also peculiarly suitable for those who collect special countries only, taking as their guide the various lists published by the London Philatelic Society, etc.  Each leaf has a double linen joint on an entirely new plan, allowing the leaves to set properly when the book is opened, and giving strength at the same time.  A narrow marginal border embellishes each page, with a semi-visible network of quadrille dotted lines, designed to assist the correct insertion of the specimens to be mounted.  The leaves are 100 in number, and printed on one side only, on a very fine quality white card paper.  They are movable, allowing rearrangement or extension into two or more volumes, as may be desired at any future time.  It is hardly necessary to point out the advantage of this; moreover, if a page becomes spoilt, it can be at once replaced.  A handsomely arranged title is included.  An inspection is desired where possible.


A.—­Strongly bound in half morocco, gilt ornaments and lettering; packed in a box, 30/-; carriage extra.  Under 11 lbs., can be sent by parcel post for 31/-.

B.—­Handsomely bound in full Persian morocco, bevelled boards, gilt edges, double-action expanding lock and key; packed in a box, 50/-; carriage paid, 51/-.

Spare blank linen-jointed leaves can be had, 1/9 per dozen, or 2/3 per dozen if with gilt edges, post-free; abroad extra.  A sample leaf sent for 2-1/2d., post-free.

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At the request of several London collectors we have prepared an Album of portable size, and convenient for taking to meetings of the Philatelic Society, etc.  Our large blank Albums, as described above, are found to be too heavy and cumbersome for such purposes, and our new book will be found a very suitable one.

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