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The book, which is printed on an unusually good quality paper, is bound in a new and specially designed cover.  The shape is as illustrated, and the size a new and convenient one, viz. 9-1/2 in. by 7-1/2 inches.  Sufficient guards have been inserted so that when the Album is full the covers shall be level with each other, and not bulged, as is often the case in imperfectly constructed books.

Nos. 15 and 16 include a series of Six Maps, specially engraved for this Publication, and beautifully printed in Colours.

No. 14. 320 pages.  Spaces for 8,000 Stamps.

Nos. 15 and 16. 400 pages.  Spaces for 11,000 Stamps.

Concise Geographical and other particulars with Illustrations are given at the head of each country, the pages being divided into rectangles, as is usual, with this most important innovation, that they vary in size so as to conveniently accommodate the Stamps desired to be placed in position.  This is an advantageous improvement that will commend itself to every collector.  Post Cards are not provided for, as all Philatelists of experience know it is best to collect them separately.

A new and very important departure has been made in Nos. 15 and 16, in including for the first time in any Philatelic Album a series of Six specially drawn Maps, printed in colours, and giving the names of all Stamp-issuing Countries.  They are of course fully brought up to date, and are not needlessly encumbered with unnecessary names, so as to increase their usefulness for easy and instant reference.

Each Album now has four full-page Illustrations of the Watermarks found on all Stamps.

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No. 14.—­Strongly and neatly bound in plain cloth, gilt lettered, 320 pages, 2/6; post-free, 2/11; abroad, 3/4.

No. 15.—­Strongly and handsomely bound in plain cloth, with gilt edges and lettering, and 6 Maps, and 80 extra leaves, 5/-; post-free, 5/5; abroad, 6/-.

No. 16.—­Handsomely bound in half morocco, lettered on back, plain cloth sides, with 6 Maps, gilt edges, 400 pages, 8/6; post-free, 9/-; abroad, 9/6.

BLANK LEAVES.  For No. 14.—­9d. per dozen; 5/- per 100, post-free.  For No. 15 or 16, gilt edges.—­1/3 per dozen; 9/- per 100, post-free.



NOW READY.  In One Volume, 580 pages.  Size of each page 10 by 13 inches.



Postage Stamps of the World.

Including a full Descriptive Catalogue, and Illustrated with several thousand full-sized reproductions of the Stamps.

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