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No. 686.—­Contains 62 rare varieties from Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Mexico, etc.  Price 14/-; post-free, 14/3.

No. 687.—­Contains 50 rare varieties from Monaco, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Persia, etc.  Price 10/-; post-free, 10/2.

No. 688.—­Contains 59 rare varieties from Peru, Portugal and Colonies, Roumania, etc.  Price 15/-; post-free, 15/3.

No. 689.—­Contains 78 rare varieties from Russia, Finland, Salvador, etc.  Price 15/-; post-free, 15/3.

No. 690.—­Contains 48 rare varieties from Shanghai, Siam, Spain and Colonies, Sweden, etc.  Price 16/6; post-free, 16/8.

No. 691.—­Contains 43 rare varieties from Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, etc.  Price 9/6; post-free, 9/8.


Packets 670 to 691 inclusive, containing a superb collection of 1,005 varieties of Post Cards of Foreign Countries; a bargain.  Price L8 10s.  Postage extra.


1/- each.


The Improved Postage Stamp Album,

No. 0.


176 large pages.  Spaces for 4,700 Stamps.

48 extra pages added in this Edition without extra charge.

This Album is now selling at the rate of over 1,000 copies a month.

The demand for this Album has simply been phenomenal, and it gives universal satisfaction—­not a single complaint has been received.  The last Edition had nearly 20 extra pages added, and now another 48 pages have been added, and all the Geographical and Historical Notes brought up fully to date.  All the newest Stamp-issuing countries, such as Ichang, Las Bela, Tientsin, Bundi, Dhar, etc. etc., have been added.  At the top of each page there is the name of the country, and a mass of valuable information, including date when Stamps were issued, population, area, reigning sovereign, capital, etc.  Spaces of proper sizes are provided for all Stamps, and the book is bound in a superior manner in gilt cloth.  The Album contains a pocket to hold duplicate Stamps, and fifty Stamps will be presented gratis with each Album.  There is also an Illustrated Frontispiece of the Rarest Stamps, with prices attached that we pay for each.

Price, bound in handsome gilt cloth, 1/-, or post-free 1/3.

     E. S. says:  “I asked a friend where the best place was to buy a
     Stamp Album cheap.  He referred me to you, saying that he had bought
     one and sold it next day for 1/6, after keeping the stamps.”

     A. A. writes:  “I received your Stamp Album on Thursday, and I
     wonder how you can sell it so cheap; for as soon as a friend saw it
     he offered me 2/- for it.  Please send me another.”

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