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Joseph Barber Lightfoot
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Little Fairy forms radiant as silver came flitting into the nursery, singing in far away voices.  They carried a little bundle.  A beautiful light came from this bundle, and to Raggedy Ann and Fido it seemed like sunshine and moonshine mixed.  It was a soft mellow light, just the sort of light you would expect to accompany Fairy Folk.


As Raggedy watched, her candy heart went pitty-pat against her cotton stuffing, for she saw a tiny pink foot sticking out of the bundle of light.

The Fairy troop sailed across the nursery and through the door with their bundle and Raggedy Ann and Fido listened to their far away music as they went down the hall.

Presently the Fairies returned without the bundle and disappeared through the nursery window.

Raggedy Ann and Fido again ran to the window and saw the Fairy troop dancing among the flowers.

The light from the bundle still hung about the nursery and a strange lovely perfume floated about.

When the Fairies’ music ceased and they had flown away, Raggedy Ann and Fido returned to Raggedy’s bed to think it all out.

When old Mister Sun peeped over the garden wall and into the nursery, and the other dolls awakened, Raggedy Ann and Fido were still puzzled.

“What is it, Raggedy Ann?” asked the tin soldier and Uncle Clem, in one voice.

Before Raggedy Ann could answer, Marcella came running into the nursery, gathered up all the dolls in her arms, and ran down the hall, Fido jumping beside her and barking shrilly.

“Be quiet!” Marcella said to Fido, “It’s asleep and you might awaken it!”

Mamma helped Marcella arrange all the dolls in a circle around the bed so that they could all see what was in the bundle.

Mamma gently pulled back the soft covering and the dolls saw a tiny little fist as pink as coral, a soft little face with a cunning tiny pink nose, and a little head as bald as the French dolly’s when her hair came off.

My, how the dollies all chattered when they were once again left alone in the nursery!


“A dear cuddly baby brother for Mistress!” said Uncle Clem.

“A beautiful bundle of love and Fairy Sunshine for everybody in the house!” said Raggedy Ann, as she went to the toy piano and joyously played “Peter-Peter-Pumpkin-Eater” with one rag hand.




When Marcella was called into the house she left Raggedy sitting on the chicken yard fence.  “Now you sit quietly and do not stir,” Marcella told Raggedy Ann, “If you move you may fall and hurt yourself!”

So, Raggedy Ann sat quietly, just as Marcella told her, but she smiled at the chickens for she had fallen time and again and it had never hurt her in the least.  She was stuffed with nice soft cotton, you see.

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