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Later in the day Marcella came bouncing into the nursery with a surprise for the dolls.  It was a dear fuzzy little kitten.

Marcella introduced the kitten to all the dolls.

“Her name is Boots, because she has four little white feet!” said Marcella.  So Boots, the happy little creature, played with the penny dolls, scraping them over the floor and peeping out from behind chairs and pouncing upon them as if they were mice and the penny dolls enjoyed it hugely.

When Marcella was not in the nursery, Raggedy Ann wrestled with Boots and they would roll over and over upon the floor, Boots with her front feet around Raggedy Ann’s neck and kicking with her hind feet.


Then Boots would arch her back and pretend she was very angry and walk sideways until she was close to Raggedy.  Then she would jump at her and over and over they would roll, their heads hitting the floor bumpity-bump.

Boots slept in the nursery that night and was lonely for her Mamma, for it was the first time she had been away from home.

Even though her bed was right on top of Raggedy Ann, she could not sleep.  But Raggedy Ann was very glad to have Boots sleep with her, even if she was heavy, and when Boots began crying for her Mamma, Raggedy Ann comforted her and soon Boots went to sleep.

One day Jeanette came home.  She had a new coating of wax on her face and she was as beautiful as ever.

Now, by this time Boots was one of the family and did not cry at night.  Besides Boots was told of the mouse in the corner and how he had eaten Jeanette’s wax, so she promised to sleep with one eye open.

Late that night when Boots was the only one awake, out popped a tiny mouse from the hole.  Boots jumped after the mouse, and hit against the toy piano and made the keys tinkle so loudly it awakened the dolls.

They ran over to where Boots sat growling with the tiny mouse in her mouth.

My! how the mouse was squeaking!

Raggedy Ann did not like to hear it squeak, but she did not wish
Jeanette to have her wax face chewed again, either.

So, Raggedy Ann said to the tiny little mouse, “You should have known better than to come here when Boots is with us.  Why don’t you go out in the barn and live where you will not destroy anything of value?”

“I did not know!” squeaked the little mouse, “This is the first time I have ever been here!”

“Aren’t you the little mouse who nibbled Jeanette’s wax face?” Raggedy Ann asked.

“No!” the little mouse answered.  “I was visiting the mice inside the walls and wandered out here to pick up cake crumbs!  I have three little baby mice at home down in the barn.  I have never nibbled at anyone’s wax face!”

“Are you a Mamma mouse?” Uncle Clem asked.

“Yes!” the little mouse squeaked, “and if the kitten will let me go I will run right home to my children and never return again!”

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