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He stopped in astonishment when he saw the string of dolls in white nighties pattering down the alley, for he could not imagine what they were.

Well, you may be sure the dolls thanked Peterkins for his kind assistance and they and Fido ran on home, for a faint light was beginning to show in the east where the sun was getting ready to come up.

When they got to their own home they found an old chair out in the yard and after a great deal of work they finally dragged it to the window and thus managed to get into the nursery again.

Fido was very grateful to Raggedy Ann and the other dolls and before he went to his basket he gave them each a lick on the cheek.


The dolls lost no time in scrambling into bed and pulling up the covers, for they were very sleepy, but just as they were dozing off, Raggedy Ann raised herself and said, “If my legs and arms were not stuffed with nice clean cotton I feel sure they would ache, but being stuffed with nice clean white cotton, they do not ache and I could not feel happier if my body were stuffed with sunshine, for I know how pleased and happy Mistress will be in the morning when she discovers Fido asleep in his own little basket, safe and sound at home.”

And as the dollies by this time were all asleep, Raggedy Ann pulled the sheet up to her chin and smiled so hard she ripped two stitches out of the back of her rag head.




When housecleaning time came around, Mistress’ mamma decided that she would have the nursery repainted and new paper put upon the walls.  That was why all the dolls happened to be laid helter-skelter upon one of the high shelves.

Mistress had been in to look at them and wished to put them to bed, but as the painters were coming again in the early morning, Mamma thought it best that their beds be piled in the closet.

So the dolls’ beds were piled into the closet, one on top of another and the dolls were placed upon the high shelf.

When all was quiet that night, Raggedy Ann who was on the bottom of the pile of dolls spoke softly and asked the others if they would mind moving along the shelf.

“The cotton in my body is getting mashed as flat as a pancake!” said Raggedy Ann.  And although the tin soldier was piled so that his foot was pressed into Raggedy’s face, she still wore her customary smile.

So the dolls began moving off to one side until Raggedy Ann was free to sit up.

“Ah, that’s a great deal better!” she said, stretching her arms and legs to get the kinks out of them, and patting her dress into shape.

“Well, I’ll be glad when morning comes!” she said finally, “for I know Mistress will take us out in the yard and play with us under the trees.”

So the dolls sat and talked until daylight, when the painters came to work.

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