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as a means of support.  During the first three years of my absence my mother enjoyed good health, but, during my last year at school, she was visited by a long and painful illness, through which she was attended, with the utmost kindness and attention, by her aunt; my mother being unwilling to recall me from school, if it were possible to avoid it; and she had been obliged, on account of her illness, to withdraw most of the sum remaining in the Savings’ Bank.  On my return home I found her enjoying a tolerable degree of health, but I feared that such close application to her needle had been too much for one whose constitution was naturally delicate.  She seemed like one weary both in mind and body.  After my arrival, however, she seemed to regain her usual cheerfulness, and in a short time seemed quite herself again.  It was now I felt it my duty to turn the education which my mother had been at so much pains to give me to account by teaching, in order to assist her, and also to obtain a support for myself.  We had decided to offer Aunt Patience a home for the remainder of her life, indeed I felt that I owed her a debt of gratitude for her past kindness to my mother.  We therefore told her that so long as we possessed a home, we would gladly share it with her, provided she felt contented to remain with us.  She at first demurred a little, as she was aware that our means were limited; but when my mother told her that she would not know what to do without her, it seemed to set her mind at rest, and she gladly assented to our proposal, and it was settled that for the future her home was to be with us.

I had as yet settled upon no definite plan in regard to teaching.  My mother wished me to apply for the situation of governess in a family, as she thought that position would command a higher salary, and would prove less laborious than a situation in a school.  About this time we noticed in a daily paper an advertisement for a governess, wanted in the family of a Mr. Leighton, residing in the suburbs of the city; the salary offered was liberal, and I thought, with my mother, that I had best apply for the situation.


Governess in Mr. Leighton’s family.

It was with a feeling of trepidation, such as I never before experienced, that I ascended the steps of the splendid residence of Mr. Leighton.  When I found myself at the door, my courage well nigh failed me, but without giving myself much time for reflection, I rang the door bell.  After some little delay the door was opened by a domestic, of whom I enquired if I could see Mrs. Leighton.  The servant replied that she did not know, but that she would see if her mistress was disengaged.  “What name?” enquired the servant, “Miss Roscom,” I replied.  The servant ushered me into the parlor, and left the room.  Being left alone, I amused myself by taking a survey of the apartment.  It

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