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John Hartley (poet)
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“An’ what should he grummel for, aw’st like to know?  Bless mi life if he had to goa withaat for a time or two what bi that?  Ther’s better fowk nor him had to goa baaht supper befoor to-day!  He gets as gooid stuff as thee, an’ better too, aw’l be bun’ for’t!  But aw should like to know ha’ it is ‘at his wage is five shillin’ a wick less nor it wor, for aw’ve heeard nowt abaat ony on ’em bein’ bated, an’ aw should ha’ done if they had, for ther’s two or three lives i’ awr street ‘at works at th’ same shop, an’ they’d ha’ been safe to tell me.  But what does he say abaat it?”

“He’s nivver sed nowt, an’ aw’ve nivver ax’d him, for he allus gives me all he has ov a Friday neet, an’ aw mak’ it do as weel as aw can.”

“Raillee!  Emma! aw think tha gets less wit ivvery day!  Ha’ can ta’ tell what he’s dooin’ wi that five shillin’ a wick if tha nivver axes him?  But tha mun ax him!  It’s thi duty!  Depend on’t he’s spendin’ it i’ some way ’at’s nooan too gooid, or else he’d let thee know.  But it’s thy affair, net mine; aw’ve nowt to do wi’ it, an’ aw’ve net com’d to interfere; but aw should like to know if tha’s seen Amos’s dowter lately?”

“Shoo wor here this mornin’ befoor yo’ coom.  Shoo luks in for a minit or two nab an’ then.”

“Oh!  Has ta’ noaticed whether shoo’s getten owt new latly?”

“Eea, shoo’d a new bonnet on this mornin’, an’ varry weel shoo luk’t in it!”

“Aw wonder whear shoo gets her new bonnets an’ stuff, it’s cappin’ to me, but aw’ve a nooashun shoo doesn’t buy ’em wi’ her own brass.  Let’s see.  Bob used to lodge wi’ Amos befoor yo’ gate wed, didn’t he?”

“Eea, they thowt as mich on him as one o’ ther own, an aw know nowt abaat whose brass shoo buys her things wi’, but aw nivver heeard ’at shoo wor i’ debt for owt, an’ aw can’t see’ at we’ve owt to do wi’ it.”

“N’oa, an’ tha can see nowt!  But ther’ is ’at can see if tha cannot, but as tha says it’s nowt to us; but if aw wor a wife aw should want to know whear my husband tuk his five shillin’ a wick.”

“Ther’s mi father commin’, he’s seekin’ yo’ aw expect.”

“Aw’l be bun’ for’t!  If aw stir off th’ doorstun he’s after me!  What’s browt thee here?”

“Th’ childer’s come hooam to ther dinner an’ they’re all waitin’.”

“Couldn’t ta tell’ em to get that stew aght o’ th’ oven?”

“Aw know nowt abaat th’ stew.”

“Hasn’t ta stirred it up an’ put some moor watter in as aw tell’d thi?”

“Aw nivver heeard thi say nowt abaat it.”

“A’a tha art a lumpheead if ivver ther’ wor one i’ this world!  Why, it’ll be burnt as dry as a chip!  Aw mun be off!  Gooid mornin’, lass, an’ see’ at tha taks care o’ thisen whativver comes o’ other fowk, an’ when aw’ve a bit moor time aw’l slip up to comfort thee a bit agean.  Tha’s noa need to come for ony dinner, Isaac, for ther’ll be nooan for thi.”

“All reight lass, aw’m nooan langin’, for aw gate that bit o’ pie ’at wor i’th’ cubbord.”

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