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THE CINDER POND Illustrated by ADA C. WILLIAMSON. $1.35 net.  Years ago, a manufacturer built a great dock, jutting out from and then turning parallel to the shore of a northern Michigan town.  The factory was abandoned, and following the habits of small towns, the space between the dock and the shore became “The Cinder Pond.”  Jean started life in the colony of squatters that came to live in the shanties on the dock, but fortune, heroism, and a mystery combine to change her fortunes and those of her friends near the Cinder Pond.  THE CASTAWAYS OF PETE’S PATCH Illustrated by ADA C. WILLIAMSON. $1.35 net.  A tale of five girls and two youthful grown-ups who enjoyed unpremeditated camping.  DANDELION COTTAGE Illustrated by Mmes.  SHINN and FINLEY. $1.35 net.  Four young girls secure the use of a tumbledown cottage.  They set up housekeeping under numerous disadvantages, and have many amusements and queer experiences.  “A capital story.  It is refreshing to come upon an author who can tell us about real little girls, with sensible ordinary parents, girls who are neither phenomenal nor silly.”—­Outlook.  THE ADOPTING OF ROSA MARIE A sequel to “Dandelion Cottage.”  Illustrated by Mrs. SHINN. $1.35 net.  The little girls who played at keeping house in the earlier book, enlarge their activities to the extent of playing mother to a little Indian girl.  “Those who have read ‘Dandelion Cottage’ will need no urging to follow further...A lovable group of four real children, happily not perfect, but full of girlish plans and pranks...A delightful sense of humor.”—­ Boston Transcript.  THE GIRLS OF GARDENVILLE Illustrated by MARY WELLMAN. 12mo. $1.35 net.  Interesting, amusing, and natural stories of a girls’ club.  “Will captivate as many adults as if it were written for them...The secret of Mrs. Rankin’s charm is her naturalness...real girls...not young ladies with ‘pigtails,’ but girls of sixteen who are not original as amusing.”—­Boston Transcript.



TOM STRONG, WASHINGTON’S SCOUT Illustrated. $1.25 net.  A story of adventure.  The principal characters, a boy and a trapper, are in the Revolutionary army from the defeat at Brooklyn to the victory at Yorktown.  “The most important events of the Revolution and much general historical information are woven into this interesting and very well constructed story of Tom and a trapper, who serve their country bravely and well.  Historical details are correctly given.”—­American Library Association Booklet.  TOM STRONG, BOY-CAPTAIN Illustrated. $1.25 net.  Tom Strong and a sturdy old trapper take part in such stirring events following the Revolution as the Indian raid with Crawford and a flat-boat voyage from Pittsburgh to New Orleans, etc

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