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The costumes are those of the seventeenth-century cavaliers for the Merrymount lads.  Slashed jerkins, full sleeves with puffs and slashings, or bishop’s sleeves of white lawn showing through tattered velvet oversleeves.  Their cloaks are sometimes topped with white lace collars.  They wear either stockings and low slippers with buckles, or high cavalier boots.  Their hair is worn in lovelocks.  See the illustrated edition of “Pilgrim’s Progress,” or any good cavalier pictures.  If the velvets and satins cannot be had, use cambric in gay colors with the glazed side out, which gives the effect of satin.

SIMON SCARLETT.  Scarlet suit.  Scarlet cloak with white lace collar.  Scarlet shoes and stockings.  His costume is the high note of color in the play.

WILL LACKLEATHER.  Dark-brown cloak.  High brown boots.  Brown jerkin, through which show sleeves of white lawn.  The jerkin is of leather.

ROBIN WAKELESS.  Suit of blue satin.  Gray cloak.  Gray foot-gear.

CHRISTOPHER CARMEL.  Dark-blue velvet slashed with orange.

JOCK.  Very dark-purple cloak, with touches of tarnished gold.  Leather jerkin, pieced out with fur.

FAUNCH THE FIDDLER.  Costume of pale-blue satin and black velvet.  A black velvet cloak.

All the Merrymount maidens wear fine raiment that is equally tattered and weather-worn.  They have peasant bodices—­that is, a very deep girdle the color of their skirts, worn with white square-necked waists that have soft semi-full sleeves; or they wear bodices of one piece made very plainly.  Cambric in gay colors will do.

SARAH SCARLETT.  Forest-green dress, ankle-length.  White bodice showing through tattered green sleeves.  Forest-green cloak patched with scarlet.

GOODY GLEASON.  Leaf-brown cloak and dress, patched a little with black and gray.

MOLL.  Olive-green dress, white bodice.  It is pieced out with bits of leather.

NAN.  Maroon dress, patched in black.

TIB.  Dull blue dress.

JOAN.  Dark dull-green and red flowered dress, giving the appearance of tattered brocade.

BESS.  Gray dress.  The maypole dancers are in dull-green, dull-violet, and dull-blue, bronze, and slate-gray.  Some wear cloaks and some do not.  All should have a wild, picturesque gipsyish look.

RESOLUTE ENDICOTT.  Black dress, ankle-length.  White Puritan cap, cuffs, and kerchief. (Black cambric with the glazed side turned in.) The Puritan men wear long cloaks coming to their ankles:  deep, white plain collars, plain white cuffs on black sleeves.  Black hats.  “Boxed” hair, falling below the ears.  Low black shoes.  Black stockings.  Black knee-breeches, somewhat full.

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