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Pocahontas alone remains near the center of interest.  She glances first at her father and the braves, sees they are deep in discussion, and then crosses to John Smith, with every sign of interest and awakening pity.  She brings him water in a wooden bowl.  He drinks thirstily.  She then goes to one of the teepees, and brings him a cup of milk.  This she holds for him to drink from, as his hands are bound.

POCAHONTAS (gravely, as she puts down the cup).  How!

SMITH (with equal gravity).  How!

POCAHONTAS(touching herself lightly). 
Pocahontas.  Daughter of Powhatan.

[Touches Smith questioningly.

(answering her). 
Smith.  John Smith.

(repeating it after him). 
John Smith.

From Jamestown.

(nods, says slowly). 
Pocahontas likes paleface.

[Meantime the pantomimic discussion held by Powhatan and his braves is drawing near its close.  There comes a shout of triumphant acclaim “Wah!  Wah!  Wah!” hoarse and loud.  Powhatan, having in pantomime rendered his decision, now stands with arms folded, at left.  Braves to right, and take Smith to center.  Powhatan stands at the extreme left.  The braves form a semicircle about Smith.  The women and children in the background rise silently, and peer forward.  Smith is forced to one knee.  A brave holds aloft the hatchet.

POCAHONTAS (looking from Smith to her father, and then running towards the latter with a cry).  No!  No!

[Powhatan regards his daughter gravely, yet unrelentingly.  Pocahontas, center, stretches out her arms in pleading.  Powhatan shakes his head.  Pocahontas then goes towards Smith, and again with animated pantomime, indicating first Smith and then the way by which he has come, pleads for him.  Powhatan shakes his head.  He is obdurate.  Pocahontas bows her head dejectedly.  Turns to go back to where she has been standing.  Then changes her mind, runs to her father, and with every evidence of pleading and humility, falls on her knees before him, arms outstretched.  For a moment they are still as statues.  Then Pocahontas takes from her neck her string of beads, and, by gesture, offers it as a ransom for Smith.

POCAHONTAS (speaking slowly).  Pocahontas, daughter of Great Chief, asks of Great Chief John Smith’s life.

[Tense pause.  Powhatan, with arms folded, considers deeply.  Then makes sign of assent, but gives back necklace to Pocahontas, who rises with pantomime of joy.  Powhatan makes sign to braves to release Smith.  Smith is unbound.  His weapons are given back to him.  He chafes his wrists and presents his compass to Powhatan.

Great Chief! (Turns first to Powhatan, and then to Pocahontas.) Great
Princess!  John Smith grateful!

[Powhatan touches him on shoulder.


[Indicates by gesture peace-pipe which has been lit at fire.  All braves sit in semicircle facing audience, and pass it (not too slowly!) from one to another, including Smith and Powhatan.  Then all rise.

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