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PENROSE (fear in his voice).  The candles—­higher.  They’re getting low.  I cannot see——­

[Richard and Penrose engage a second time, and Penrose’s foil is flung across the room to left.  Marsh is about to crash the candelabrum on Richard’s sword, when Richard, with a deft movement, seizes it and hurls it to the floor, where it falls with a dull clatter.  Marsh, discomfited, turns to Penrose, who has picked up his fallen sword, and is holding his wrist.

PENROSE (peevishly).  The lout has turned my wrist, and torn my ruffles.

RICHARD (who has darted to window, and stood looking out for the space of a second before he turns to them).  A thousand pardons! (Bows ironically.) Go!  The play is ended! (With growing fervor.) Through the black night I’ve caught my prompter’s signal.  I’ve seen a light—­a light that swings in the darkness—­a light that swings three times——­

PENROSE (querulously, leaning on Marsh’s arm as they go towards door).  What does he mean?  A signal?

RICHARD (turning on them with passionate triumph).  A signal that a blow is struck for freedom!  A signal that your tea is overboard!  A signal that the time will come when liberty will be the watchword of our nation!

Come!  Come!  He dreams!

[They go out.

(with face upraised in the waning fire-glow). 
May all such dreams come true!



RICHARD STOCKTON.  Coat and knee-breeches of dull-blue cloth.  Loose white shirt.  Soft white collar turned down on his coat.  Black stockings.  Low black shoes.  Unpowdered hair.

JOHN COREY.  Suit of the same fashion as Stockton’s, made of black cloth.  All the lads, unless otherwise indicated, wear low black shoes, black stockings, and have unpowdered hair.  But if the wigs of longish natural hair which they should wear are too expensive, then they may have powdered wigs made of white cotton batting stitched to tight-fitting white skull-caps.

NED PEABODY.  Suit of same style in dark-brown.

PHIL AMESBURY.  Suit of same style in somewhat shabby black velvet, with black braiding.  It is evident that the suit has been “handed down” to him.

JEFFERSON WINWOOD.  Suit of same style in slate-gray, with buttons and pockets of cobalt blue.

FRANK WHARTON.  Suit of very dark green.  Green buttons.  Has a black cloak, and a black three-cornered hat.

THOMAS RIGBY.  Well-worn suit of dark plum-color.  Plum-colored waistcoat.  Gold buttons on it.  White shirt with full soft sleeves.  A white stock.  Black stockings.  Low black shoes.

PENROSE.  Scarlet jacket with gold buttons and epaulets.  White broadcloth breeches tucked into high topboots.  White vest.  Lace stock.  Lace wrist ruffles.  Scarlet cloak with gold braiding.  Carries a sword.

MARSH.  The same as Penrose.  Carries no sword when he comes in a second time.

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