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With all my heart, my friend. (They clasp hands on it.) And will you,
Deborah, forgive me my blunt speeches?  I knew not how to please you.  I
meant no harm.

I forgive all.

And we are friends for life—­for all our lives, Deborah.

(speaking somewhat impatiently from beyond the door at left). 
Deborah!  Child!

Yes!  Yes!  I’m coming!

[Hastens out the door with a friendly backward glance at Franklin.  He stands for a moment where she has left him.

Crosses to secretary, takes book, seats himself, opens it slowly, looking after her.  Then sits a-dream in the fading fireglow.  Presently he looks at the book again, and reads the first line upon which his eye chances to fall.

“Count thyself rich when thou hast found a friend.”

(The curtain slowly falls.)


BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.  Travel-stained suit of dark-brown, guiltless of braid or ruffles, coat and knee-breeches being of the same color.  The material either of corduroy or homespun (woolen).  A white vest flowered with brown roses.  A white neckcloth.  Black stockings.  Low black shoes.  A three-cornered black hat, which he carries under his arm.  Hair worn long and unpowdered.

ROGER BURCHARD.  Coat and knee-breeches of the same style as Franklin’s, made of homespun, and Quaker-gray in color.  A Quaker-gray vest.  White neckcloth.  Gray stockings.  Low black shoes with silver buckles.  Unpowdered hair.

ELIZABETH BURCHARD.  Dress of gray satin, simply made, with a crossed kerchief of snowy white lawn.  Gray stockings.  Gray slippers with silver buckles.  Hair worn simply, and unpowdered. (Gray glazed cambric for her dress if satin cannot be had.)

DEBORAH READ.  Quilted petticoat of pale-blue satin.  Colonial overdress and bodice of white, brocaded with pale-blue roses.  Fichu of white lawn.  Black picture hat with black plume.  Black cloth cloak lined in pale-blue.  Black stockings.  Low black shoes with gold buckles.  Unpowdered hair, worn pompadour. (If satin and brocade cannot be had, have blue glazed muslin and cretonne instead.  Or flowered muslin worn over a white dress.) Black patches.  Black velvet ribbon at neck.  White lace mitts, or black gloves coming to the elbow.

WILLIAM.  Maroon suit, of a heavy woolen material.  Gold buttons down the front and two in back.  Cream-colored vest.  Neither braiding nor ruffles.  Black stockings.  Low black shoes without buckles.  A white neckcloth.  Unpowdered hair worn in a cue.


For this pageant episode see page 46 of the Outdoor Arrangement of the Pageant of Patriots.


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