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Amy Roby trades her chain of beads for an Indian basket.

Red Plume signifies interest in Andrew Smith’s fiddle.  He takes it up.  At this the Indian maidens laugh amongst themselves.  Red Plume tries the fiddle.  It makes a very hideous squeak.  At this two of the Indian maidens laugh outright.  But Red Plume continues to be enamored of the instrument.  He offers to exchange more and more skins for the fiddle, but Andrew Smith shakes his head.  So no trade is made.  Red Plume reluctantly relinquishes the fiddle.  A backwoods lad trades off a blanket for some of Red Plume’s furs, and the chieftain appears mollified.  Now that the trading is over both settlers and Indians appear to be pleased with their possessions.  Through all that has transpired, Lincoln has been the central figure, appealed to again and again.  The Indians solemnly exeunt with their new possessions towards background.

NANCY LINCOLN (turning to Abe).  You don’t know how proud I am to hear them call you “Honest Abe.”  I shouldn’t be surprised if someday you did something wonderful and splendid!

(smiling at her enthusiasm). 
“Someday’s” a long way off, Nancy!

NANCY LINCOLN (with conviction).  Well, I believe that even if a boy is poor, and was born in a cabin, if he’s as honest and hard-working as you are, Abe, he’s sure to come out finely.  Now, let’s go home!

[Lincoln, ax on shoulder, exits towards middle background, Nancy and John and all the rest following, with the fiddler playing gaily.

The merrymaking is over, the grassy stage is left vacant, and the scene ends.


The costumes for the young settlers have already been indicated in the episode itself.  Francois, the young French-Canadian, wears a cotton khaki suit, cut on Indian lines.  That is, the breeches of the suit are fringed, and he wears moccasins.  He wears a tan shirt, open at the neck, and a scarlet sash belt.

The costumes for the Indians are of cotton khaki, cut on simple Indian lines. (See description of Indian costumes of “Princess Pocahontas.”) Gay painting at neck.  Beads.  Shells.  Wampum.  The Indian maidens and some of the braves have blankets.  They should be striped in gay colors—­red and green, orange and blue—­the stripes very wide.  A few blankets of solid color.  Long pipes for the Indians to smoke.  Headdresses of brown and gray feathers.  Dark Cloud wears a black feather head-dress.  Red Plume wears a headdress of brilliant scarlet feathers.


This dance is for a pageant given on a very large scale.  It is formed of commingled groups of the young people of all nations, and is symbolic of the Old World coming to the New.  The peasant costumes of Germany, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, France and Sweden should be worn, and the dances should be the folk dances of the various nations, with their appropriate music.

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