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MARIE ANTOINETTE.  White satin petticoat.  Overdress and bodice of white silk brocaded with scarlet roses.  White lace ruffles and fichu.  Long train of scarlet velvet, lined in white satin.  Hair dressed high and powdered.  Gold crown.  Shimmering necklace.  If a costume as ornate as this is not procurable, let the young player wear a long white muslin dress that just touches below the ankle.  A bodice and overdress of white cretonne flowered with red roses.  White lawn fichu with ruffles.  A long train of scarlet cambric with the glazed side turned outward to represent satin.  This is lined in white cambric which should also be satiny-looking.  The train is fastened at the shoulders, and borne by two pages.  Crown and jewels of gold and silver paper.  White slippers and stockings.  Brilliant buckles.

FRANKLIN.  Suit of plain black velvet.  Vest of black satin.  Stockings and low shoes of black.  Three-cornered black hat which he holds under his arm.  His hair falls to his collar, and is unpowdered.  A pair of square spectacles on his nose.

ADAMS. Suit of plum-colored velvet, trimmed with gold lace.  White satin waistcoat.  White stock, and lace jabot, and sleeve-ruffles.  Black shoes with gold buckles.  Black stockings.  White powdered wig worn in a cue.

With the other costumes, cretonne and cheesecloth can be substituted for silk and satin; but the color scheme that has been already described should be strictly adhered to.  The Mlles. de Pernan and de Tressau should wear white dresses, with looped-up paniers of white cretonne flowered in yellow.  The Duchess of Bourbon, a white dress with looped paniers of pale blue, flowered in pink.  White fichu and ruffles.  Very inexpensive yet effective costumes can be made for the dancers by having each girl wear a white dress that comes below the knee.  Over this dress may be worn a deep girdle of cheesecloth of a solid color.  Then looped-up paniers of cheesecloth of the same color at each side.  A white fichu of cheesecloth or lawn may be worn with this costume, and all the girls taking part in the dances should have their hair powdered, and worn in a pompadour fashion.  White shoes and stockings for all the dancers.  Older girls taking part should wear their dresses ankle-length.  If a more satiny look than cheesecloth gives is wished, let the overdresses be of light-colored cambric with the glazed side turned outward.  Cheesecloth is the softest, most pliable material, and the most easily managed.

The dancers who carry the rose hoops should wear pale-pink cretonne flowered in deeper pink.  The rose hoops may be made of ordinary hoops of a good size cut in half, covered with green cheesecloth, and then decorated with pink paper roses, put on so thickly that the green is almost hidden.

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