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seem strange that the more earnestly Lady Rosamond pleaded with her husband the more firmly did he resist, and, if possible, the more ardent he became in his attention.  Lady Rosamond felt a strange and unaccountable desire to interfere with the plans laid down by Gerald Bereford.  Many times she urged upon Earl Grey the necessity of moderation, and, with a vehemence foreign to her nature, strove to impress him with prophetic visions of anxiety, doubt, and fear.  Her ladyship was somewhat reconciled by the resignation of the Premier, who, in his joking manner, attributed his want of success to the hostile attitude of the wife of his friend, Gerald Bereford.

But the conflict was kept up with renewed energy.  The Reform party were not to be thus easily outwitted.  They were still sanguine.  During the period when the ministry vacillated between the Conservatives and Whigs, the spirits of the latter never drooped.  Victory was the watchword that attached itself to the Reform party.  Victory was the cry of Gerald Bereford as he labored day and night with untiring zeal, utterly regardless of the ravages thus made upon his hitherto robust constitution.  In this exciting struggle the young politician was unconscious of the deadly and venomous growth taking root within under the baneful effect of negligence and over-taxed powers.



The capital of New Brunswick was the scene of more than usual excitement.  Extensive preparations throughout the higher classes of society indicated that some very important event or events were about to take place.  Extravagant purchases made in the several stores where were displayed dry goods, intimated that the fair sex looked forward to the approaching festivity with intense and joyous anticipation.

New-year’s eve has arrived.  Happiness expresses itself in rippling smiles beaming upon all faces.  Every citizen has cause for rejoicing.  The commodious structure planned under the supervision of His Excellency, Sir Howard Douglas, is now ready for the reception of a numerous assemblage of guests.  The family are reinstated in Government House, happy in being once more able to extend their far-famed hospitality as on former occasions.

Nothing was wanting to make the present reception one of the most gorgeous in the social records of provincial life.  Every window in the entire building was brilliantly illuminated in the most beautiful colors of every hue and in a charming variety of scenes.  There were represented the western heavens at sunset in crimson and gold; the rising glories of the approaching monarch shown on the eastern hill tops; scenes of classical beauty shone in bewitching effect.  Any attempt to particularize fails in the very effort.  Suffice to say Government House blazed, not in the spontaneous spirit which displayed itself when the former building succumbed, but by the heightening aid

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