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blessing.  Was he to repeat that blessing upon the child?  Many times did Lord Bereford dwell upon this subject.  His was a nature endowed with lasting qualities, true sympathy was the key note to his heart.  He loved Lady Rosamond with devout, tender solicitude as his only daughter, and her happiness was his.  If the love that Gerald Bereford bore towards his niece was not entirely reciprocated, and at the great sacrifice, would the true-hearted nobleman have urged upon Sir Thomas the error of his conduct?  Such liberalism upon his part provoked the resentment of Lady Bereford, who could not brook any interference with the strictly defined principles of conservatism so long entailed upon every branch of her family.  Sir Thomas Seymour was a staunch worshipper of his sister-in-law’s doctrine.  He cherished every idea with fondness, occasionally bringing them forth to view as opportunity favored.  While Lady Rosamond is sadly watching the days and months drag slowly along within the bosom of Sir Howard Douglas’ happy household, such are the motives actuating each of those who endeavor to seek her welfare; such is the state of their respective feelings, such their fond hope—­their brightest dreams—­laboring under the fatal delusion of giving happiness to her future.

Ah, your ladyship! were a kind fairy, in the form of a godmother, to breathe a few words into the ear of your loving and tender uncle, Lord Bereford, his kind heart would go forth to meet thee and save thee from a world of misery—­from the fiery ordeal through which thou must pass!


Memorable scenes of autumn, 1825.

The summer and autumn of this year were indeed the most memorable in the annals of New Brunswick’s history.  Many there are still living who distinctly remember that awful visitation.  The season of drought was unparalleled.  Farmers looked aghast and trembled as they viewed the scanty, withered products of the land.  All joined in the common uneasiness, daily awaiting relief.  None felt more anxiety than Sir Howard Douglas, whose sole interests were those of his people.

Wishing to know the true state of the country, his Excellency made a tour of the farming districts, penetrating back settlements where the greatest suffering might be expected.

While absent on this errand of mercy, a sad misfortune befell the inmates of Government House.  On the 19th of September their home was wrapped in devouring elements of flame, being almost entirely consumed.

It is on such occasions that the nobler side of our nature asserts its true dignity and shows qualities that otherwise would remain in obscurity.  Lady Douglas, with calm and dignified composure, prepared her family to realize the situation, and with heroic firmness persisted in rescuing nearly all the valuables within Government House.  The great assistance rendered by the citizens in their indefatigable labors, showed the unbounded and grateful respect borne towards this distinguished family.  Every one was ready to offer aid.  The daughters of Lady Douglas reflected her ladyship’s cool intrepidity.

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