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We find their bones, and their stone weapons, and their crude paintings, in the caves of Cro-Magnon and Grimaldi and Altimira and Mas-d’Azil; the deep layers of horse and reindeer and mammoth bones at their feasting-place at Solutre.  We wonder how and whence a race so like our own came into a world of brutish sub-humans.

Just as we wonder, too, at the network of canals which radiate from the polar caps of our sister planet, and speculate on the possibility that they were the work of hands like our own.  And we concoct elaborate jokes about the “Men From Mars”—­ourselves.

The End

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The following typographical errors in the text were corrected as detailed here.

In the text:  “... an automatic computer figured the distance to the planet,...” the word “computor” was corrected to “computer.”

In the text:  “Then, with every atom of strength they possessed they ran away ...,” the word “posessed” was corrected to “possessed.”

In two places in the text “Anelea” was corrected to “Analea.”

In the text:  “If they could avoid collisions with the Hairy People...” the word “collisons” was corrected to “collisions.”

In the text:  “Some day, an even mightier civilization than the one he had left would rise here ...” the word “that” was corrected to “than.”

In the text:  “There had been a quick flurry of shots that had felled all four of the assailants, and Seldar Glav had finished...” the word “Klav” was corrected to “Glav.”

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