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Royal letters, 1630.—­The second of these is in “Audiencia de Filipinas; registro de oficio, reales ordenes dirigidas a las autoridades del distrito de la Audiencia; anos 1597 a 1634; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 1.”  The others are found in the Archivo Historico Nacional, as noted below.

The following documents are obtained from the “Cedulario Indico” of the Archivo Historico Nacional, Madrid: 

8. Royal letters, 1630.—­The first and third of these are in tomo 40, fol. 71 verso and 76 verso respectively.

9. Royal orders, 1632-33.—­The first is in tomo 40, fol. 86 verso, no. 99; the second is in the Archivo general de Indias, Sevilla, the same as No. 7; the third, in tomo 31, fol. 145 verso.

The following documents are obtained from MSS. in the Academia Real de la Historia, Madrid, in the collection “Papeles de los Jesuitas:” 

10. Events in Filipinas, 1630-32.—­In tomo 84, no. 15; the additional paragraph is from another copy of this document in the same collection, in tomo 114, no. 401.

11. News from Far East.—­In tomo 114, no. 587 (copied from a pamphlet printed at Sevilla in 1633).

12. News from Felipinas, 1634.—­In tomo 146, no. 113.


[1] See Vol.  VIII, p. 217, note 32; also Vol.  XIII, p. 292, note 39.

[2] Fray Juan de Montesdoca went to Mexico with his parents who gave him a good education.  He professed in the Augustinian convent in 1575, and went to the Philippines in 1582.  He quickly mastered the Pampanga dialect, and ministered in the villages of Bacolor (1590), Mexico (1593), and Macabebe (1596).  He was elected subprior and procurator of the Manila convent in 1594, provincial secretary in 1597, and prior provincial in 1599.  He was missionary at Apalit in 1602, and prior of Guadalupe in 1605.  He died at Malate in 1612, having gone thither in 1608.  See Perez’s Catalogo, pp. 30, 31.

[3] Fray Mateo Mendoza, born of noble stock, was intended for the profession of arms.  Having gone to the Philippines, he was received into the Augustinian order at Manila in 1575.  He was sent to Mexico to receive holy orders, as there was then no bishop in the islands.  He was missionary at Malolos in 1580, Arevalo (in 1584), San Pablos de los Montes (in 1586), and Porac (in 1594).  Although elected definitor-general in 1596, he resigned that office to go to Japan.  Returning to Manila in 1598, he became first definitor in 1599, and presided at the provincial chapter in 1602; and labored at Paranaque in 1603, and Tondo in 1605, dying that same year.

Fray Agustin de Tapia was a native of Burgos, and professed in the convent at the same city.  He had charge of the mission which arrived at Manila in June, 1595; was preacher and confessor in September of the same year; preacher-general in 1597; missionary in Panay in 1599; at Guagua in 1601; definitor and prior of Cavite in 1602.  He died in 1604.

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