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person.  He has attended to the service of your Majesty with continual and incessant labor—­which, although he has not had at all good health, he has not spared by day or night, on feast days, or in holiday seasons, times in which others rest.  In short, he has been a father to this republic, and a person worthy of being occupied by your Majesty in things of greater importance in your service; for God has given him talent for great things, a Christian spirit, and the fear of God.  That he showed because, as soon as he entered this city, he went to confession and communed often.  He chose as confessor father Fray Domingo Goncales, one of the most holy and learned men of the Order of St. Dominic.  So great and so illustrious is his learning that often, when the orders have come together to argue, they have confessed that, upon asking him his opinion in very knotty questions, their problems have been solved by his tolerance, forbearance, and patience; for he did not cause disputes and scandals on many occasions that people inconsiderate and bold gave him, as is seen by certain of the writings that he carries; Consequently, we greatly desire and we earnestly petition His Divine Majesty that he, may have health, and that He will bear him to your Majesty’s feet, so that he may inform you of what he has seen, accomplished, and known.  From his report we hope ior the relief of these islands in every way, and increase to the service of God and your Majesty.

Don Miguel Garcetas Don Alonso Garcia de Leon Doctor Don Juan Reyes The treasurer, Don Thomas Guimarano Don Francisco de Valdes Don Pedro de Quesada Hurtado de Mendoza The racionero, Pablo Rodriguez The racionero, Ruiz de Escalona Diego Ramirez

[Endorsed:  “Manila.  To his Majesty.  The ecclesiastical cabildo.  No date.  Examined July 30, and decreed within.”]

DOCUMENTS OF 1633-1634

Papal bull concerning missions.  Urban VIII; June 28, 1633.  News from the Far East, 1632.  Fray Juan Garcia, O.P.; 1633.  Letters to Felipe IV.  Juan Cerezo de Salamanca; August 14, 1633.  Report of archbishop on the bakery of Manila.  Hernando de Guerrero; August 3, 1634.  News from Felipinas, Japon, and other parts. [Unsigned]; August 20, 1634.  Letters to Felipe IV.  Juan Cerezo de Salamanca; August 10, 1634.

Sources:  The first, third, fourth, and sixth of these documents are obtained from MSS. in the Archivo general de Indias, Sevilla; the second and fifth, from MSS. in the Academia Real de la Historia, Madrid.

Translations:  The first document is translated by Rev. T. C. Middleton, O.S.A.; the third and sixth, by James A. Robertson; the remainder, by Robert W. Haight.


Constitution of our most holy lord, by divine Providence pope, Urban VIII, concerning the missions of religious to Japan and other regions of the Eastern Indias.  Rome:  from the press of the reverend Apostolic Chamber.  MDCXX[X]III.

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