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Krit, as the nateral nater of man is, felt that he could and would earn a good place in the World, win it with hard work, and then lift Isabelle up onto the high platform by the side of him.

Though whether he had made any plans as how he wuz a-goin’ to hist up the two feeble old invalids, that I can’t state, not knowin’.

But Isabelle, he did lay out to do well by her, thinkin’ as he did such a amazin’ lot of her, and knowin’ how she gin up her own ambitious hopes for his sake, and knowin’ well, though he didn’t really feel free to interfere, how she had signed the death-warrant to her own happiness when she parted with Tom Freeman.  But so it wuz.

Wall, Krit wouldn’t have to lift up the old folks onto any worldly hite, for the Lord took ’em up into His own habitation, higher I spoze than any earthly mount.  About six months before Krit come to Jonesville, they both passed away most at the same time, and wuz buried in one grave.

Wall, we all on us in Jonesville thought a sight of Krit before he had been with us a week.  He had come partly to see a man in Jonesville on particular business, and partly to see us.  He wuz a civil engineer, jest as civil and polite a one as I ever laid eyes on, and wuz a-doin’ well, but Thomas Jefferson thought he could help him to a still better place and position.

Thomas J. is very popular in Jonesville.  He is doin’ a big business all over the county, and is very influential.

Wall, Krit’s business bid fair to keep him for some time in Jonesville and the vicinity, and as he see that Josiah Allen and I wuz a-makin’ preperations to go to the World’s Fair—­and bein’ warmly pursuaded by us to that effect, he concluded to stay and accompany us thither.  The idee wuz very agreeable to us.

He said his sister Isabelle, after she wuz a little recooperated from her grief for the old folks, and recovered a little from the sickness that she had after they left her, she too laid out to come on to Chicago, and spend a few weeks.

He wuz a-layin’ out to reconoiter round and find a good place for her to board and take good care on her.  He thought enough on her—­yes, indeed.

But, as he said, she wuz jest struck right down seemin’ly with her grief at the loss of them two old folks.

You see, if your head has been a-restin’ for some time on a piller, even if it is a piller of stun, when it is drawed out sudden from under you, your head jars down on the ground dretful heavy and hard.

And when you’ve been carryin’ a burden for a long time, when it is took sudden from you you have a giddy feelin’, you feel light and faint and wobblin’.

And then she loved ’em—­she loved her poor old charges with a daughter’s love and with all the love a mother gives to a helpless baby, with the pity added that gray hairs and toothless gums must amount to added up over the sum of dimples and ivory and coral that makes up a baby’s beautiful helplessness.

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