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And as we wuz jest approachin’ the station where we wuz to be left, he ceased his remarks, and held his horse in.

He helped me to alight, and I thanked him for his kindness, and acted as polite as a person could whose brain lay a wreck in the upper part of her head.  The last word Mr. Bolster said to us wuz, as he gathered up the reins, sez he: 

“Thirty-six lines of cars come to and leave Chicago, which, with its immense shipping facilities, makes it the—­”

But the cars tooted jest then, and I didn’t hear his last words, and I wuz glad on’t, as I say, I had thanked him before.

But good land! he would have carried two giraffes or camels willin’ly if he could have got ’em into his buggy, and sot ’em up by him on the seat, and could have boasted to ’em understandin’ly about Chicago.  But I guess he is well-meanin’.


Wall, after he left us we boarded some cars, and found ourselves, with the inhabitants of several States, I should judge, borne onwards towards the White City.

And anon, or about that time, we found ourselves at a depot, where wuz the entire census of several other States, and Territories.

There we wuz right in front of the Gole, and I don’t believe there wuz a better-lookin’ Gole sence the world begun.

The minute we left the cars we found ourselves between two lines of wild-lookin’ and actin’ men, a-tryin’ to sell us things we hadn’t no need on.

What did I want with a cane? or Josiah with a little creepin’ beetle?  And what did I want with galluses?

They didn’t use no judgment, and their yellin’s wuz fearful; whatever else they had, they didn’t have consumption, I don’t believe.

After payin’ our two fares, a little gate sort o’ turned round and let us in to the Columbian World’s Fair—­that marvellous city of magic; and anon, if not a little before, the Adminstration Buildin’ hove up in front of us.

All the descriptions in the World can’t give no idee of the wonderful proportions of the buildin’s and the charm of the surroundin’s.  The minute you pass the gate you are overwhelmed with the greatness, charm, and nobility, the impressive, onspeakable aspect of the buildin’s.

The stucco, of which most of the buildin’s are composed, made it possible for the artist and the architect to carry out their idees to a magnitude never before attempted.  It is a material easy to be moulded into all rare and artistic shapes and groupin’s, and still cheap enough to be used as free as their fancy dictated, and is as beautiful as marble.

Colossial buildin’s, beautiful enough for any Monarch, and which no goverment on earth wuz ever rich enough to carry out in permanent form.

Wall, as I said, the Adminstration Buildin’ wuz the one that hove up directly in front of us.

[Illustration:  The Adminstration Buildin’ hove up directly in front of us.]

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