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Millions of folks did she see move into her neighborhood.

And what a party would she had to gin to have took all her neighbors in!  What a immense amount of nut-cakes would she have had to fry, and cookies!

Why, countin’ two nut-cakes to a person—­and that is a small estimate for a healthy man to eat, judgin’ by my own pardner—­she would have had to fry millions of nut-cakes.  And millions of cookies, if they wuz made after Mother’s receipt handed down to me; that wouldn’t have been one too many.

And where could she spread out her dough for her cookies—­why, a prairie wouldn’t have been too big for her mouldin’ board.  And the biggest Geyser in the West, old Faithful himself, wouldn’t have been too big to fry the cakes in, if you could fry ’em in water, which you can’t.

But mebby if she had gin the party, she could have used that old spoutin’ Geyser for a teapot or a soda fountain—­if she laid out to treat ’em to anything to drink.

But good land! there is no use in talkin’, if she had used a volcano to steep her tea over, she couldn’t made enough to go round.


Wall, after a numerous number of emotions we at last reached our destination and stoppin’-place.  And I gin a deep sithe of relief as the wheel of the carriage grated on the curb-stun, in front of the boardin’ house where my Josiah and me laid out to git our two boards.

Thomas J. and Krit wanted to go to one of the big hotels.  I spozed, from their talk, it wuz reasonable, and wuz better for their business, that they should be out amongst business men.

But Josiah and I didn’t want to go to any such place.  We had our place all picked out, and had had for some time, ever sence we had commenced to git ready for the World’s Fair.

We had laid out to git our two boards at a good quiet place recommended by our own Methodist Episcopal Pasture, and a distant relation of his own.

It wuz to Miss Ebenezer Plank’ses, who took in a few boarders, bein’ middlin’ well off, and havin’ a very nice house to start with, but wanted to add a little to her income, so she took in a few and done well by ’em, so our pasture said, and so we found out.  It wuz a splendid-lookin’ house a-standin’ a-frontin’ a park, where anybody could git a glimpse of green trees and a breath of fresh air, and as much quiet and rest as could be found in Chicago durin’ the summer of 1893, so I believed.

Thomas J. and Maggie wuz perfectly suited with the place for us—­and Thomas J. parleyed with Miss Plank about our room, etc.—­and we wuz all satisfied with the result.

And after Josiah and me got settled down in our room, a good-lookin’ one, though small, the children sot off for their hotel, which wuzn’t so very fur from ourn, nigh enough so that they could be sent for easy, if we wuz took down sudden, and visey versey.

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