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How many times did I digest this great truth while on my tower!  How little we know sometimes what a appearance we are a-makin’ before men and angels, when we think we are a-doin’ sunthin’ wonderful!

Wall, Josiah wuz all took aback; he couldn’t seem to bear Bizer’s patronizin’ ways so well as I could Selinda’s.  Truly, females learn the lesson well to suffer and be calm.

But he acted kinder surly, and proposed that we should go hum; and bein’ tired as a dog, I gin a willin’ consent, and Bizer and Selinda parted from us, their way layin’ different from ourn.

Wall, that night, after we got back to Miss Plankses, I felt all kind o’ shook up in sperit, and considerable as I do when I’ve eat too hearty, and of too many kinds of food.

You know, you mustn’t swaller a big meal too quick, or eat too many kinds of food when you’re tired, or it won’t set right on your stomach.

I felt real dyspeptic in my mind that night, and I felt that I had wandered out of the sweet, level paths of Moderation and Megumness that I love to wander in.

But I am a eppisodin’, and to resoom.

It seemed as if the bed never felt so good to me as it did that night; and the pillers never felt so soft, and quiet, and comfortable.  And with a deep sithe of content I went out at once into the Land of Sleep, and bein’ too tired to

“tread its windin’ ways Beyend the reach of busy feet,”

I sunk down under the shade of a branchin’ Poppy Tree, and laid there becalmed and peaceful till Miss Plankses risin’ bell rung—­way up the stairway, up into my bedroom—­and echoed over into the Land, shook the drowsy boughs over my head, and waked me up.

And then, tired as I wuz the night before, I felt considerable chipper.


Wall, this mornin’ we sot off in good season.  We would always lay our plans in the mornin’, and that mornin’ I said, “I would love to tackle the Agricultural Buildin’.”

And Josiah gin his willin’ consent.  He said, “After so much gildin’ and orniments, he would love to look at a potato, or a rutabagy, or a cowcumber.”

And I sez, “If you lay out to git rid of seein’ orniments, you had better not stir out of your tracks.”

And Nony Piddock said, “It sickened a man to see so much vain orniment.”

And the Twin said, “It wuz perfectly beautiful to see it.”

And the rest of the boarders bein’ agreed jest about as well on’t, we set out for the Agricultural Hall in pretty good sperits.

Wall, truly did Nony say that the orniments wuz impressive and overwhelmin’.

Now, I thought I had seen orniments, and I thought I had seen pillows.

Why, Father Allen had a porch held up by as many as five pillows—­holler ones—­boarded round and painted to look like granite stun.

And our Meetin’-House steeple wuz, I had always spozed, ornimented.

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