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The high walls of the prison that used to loom up so hugely and threatingly in front of the bare old tenement housen—­the harsh glare of them walls seem further away, hidden from them by the gracious green of the blossoming trees.

The sunshine lays between them and its rough walls—­they follow the glint of the sunbeams up into the Heavens.


My beloved pardner is very easy lifted up or cast down by his emotions, and his excitement wuz intense durin’ the hull of the long time that the warfare lasted as to where the World’s Fair wuz to be held, where Columbus wuz goin’ to be celebrated.

I thought at the time, Josiah wuz so fearful riz up in his mind, that it wuz doubtful if he ever would be settled down agin, and act in a way becomin’ to a grandfather and a Deacon in the M.E. meetin’-house.

And it wuz a excitin’ time, very, and the fightin’ and quarrelin’ between the rival cities wuz perilous in the extreme.

It would have skairt Christopher, I’ll bet, if he could have seen it, and he would have said that he would most ruther not be celebrated than to seen it go on.

Why, New York and Chicago most come to hands and blows about it, and St. Louis wuz jest a-follerin’ them other cities up tight, a-worryin’ ’em, and a-naggin’, and a sort o’ barkin’ at their heels, as it wuz, bound she would have it.

They couldn’t all on ’em have it.  Christopher couldn’t be in three places at one time and simultanous, no matter how much calculation he had about him.  No, that wuz impossible.  He had to be in one place.  And they fit, and they fit, and they fit, till I got tired of the very name of the World’s Fair, and Josiah got almost ravin’ destracted.

It seemed to me, and so I told Josiah, that New York wuz a more proper place for it, bein’ as it wuz clost to the ocean, so many foreigners would float over here, them and their things that they wanted to show to the Fair.

It would almost seem as if they would be tired enough when they got here, to not want to disemmark themselves and their truck, and then imegiatly embark agin on a periongor or wagon, or car, or sunthin, and go a-trailin’ off thousands of milds further.  And then go through it all agin disembarkin’ and unloadin’ their truck, and themselves.

Howsumever, I spozed if they sot out for the Fair from Africa, or Hindoostan, or Asia, I spozed they would keep on till they got there, if they had to go the hull length of the Misisippi River, and travelled in more’n forty different conveniences, etc., etc.  But it didn’t seem so handy nor nigh.

But Chicago is dretful worrysome and active, jest like all children who have growed fast, and kinder outgrowed their clothes and family goverment.

She is dretful forward for one of her years, and she knows it.  She knows she is smart, and she is bound to have her own way if there is any possible way of gittin’ it.

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