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“Dear cousin,” he said, low and tenderly, “are you feeling quite easy now?”

“Quite so,” she answered in low, sweet tones; “all is going right, I think.  Is it not?”

“Yes, so it would seem.  You are the best of patients, and with the abundance of good nursing you are sure to have, I think we will soon have you about again.  But,” glancing around upon her three daughters, “she must be kept very quiet, neither talking nor being talked to much more than is absolutely necessary.

“However, I am going to allow Walter a moment’s sight of his mother, and as he is your baby boy, you may, if you choose, speak half a dozen words to him,” he added, addressing himself directly to the patient.

Then stepping to the door, he beckoned to Walter, and led him to the side of the bed.

“There, laddie, you may tell her how dearly you love her, but nothing more.”

“Mamma, dear, darling mamma!  I couldn’t begin to tell it!” Walter said, low and tremulously, just touching his lips to her cheek.

“Mother’s darling boy!” was all she said in response, but the eyes looking into his spoke volumes of mother-love.

“Don’t cry, Walter, my man,” his cousin said, as he led him out to the hall again; “you have behaved so well that I think you may be allowed another interview to-morrow; and I hope you will see your mother up and about again in perhaps a fortnight from this.  You must pray for her healing to the Great Physician, as we all are doing:  and pray in faith, for you know the Bible tells us he is the hearer and answerer of prayer.”

“Oh, I will!  I do!” sobbed the child, “and I’m so glad there are so many others asking for her too, because the Bible says Jesus promised that his Father would grant what two or three agreed together to ask for.”

“Yes; pray for your mother, believe God’s promises, and be happy in the expectation that she will get well; and with a mind at rest interest yourself in your studies and sports.  That’s my prescription for you, my lad; now go and take it like a good boy,” added the doctor, with a smile, as he turned and re-entered the sick-room.

“A funny prescription, and not so bad to take,” laughed Walter to himself, as he wiped away his tears and hastened to the schoolroom to attend to his lessons.

“Nobody here but myself,” he sighed, as he crossed the threshold.  “It’s rather lonesome, but I’ll do the best I can.  It’s what mamma would advise.”


Grace had gone over to Fairview with her little brother and sister, accompanied by their nurse, Mamma Vi having told her she might learn her lessons there, and if Evelyn cared to hear her recite, that would answer very well.

Evelyn was entirely willing, and they had just finished a few minutes before the carriage from Woodburn came driving up the avenue, bringing Grace’s father and sister Lulu.

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