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The Seven Seas (Methuen). 1896.  New editions, 1908; 1913.

Soldier Tales (A selection of stories from earlier volumes) (Macmillan). 1896.

The Novels, Tales and Poems of Rudyard Kipling (Edition de luxe) (Macmillan). 1897, etc. 27 volumes have so far been issued.

“Captains Courageous.”  A Story of the Grand Banks (Macmillan). 1897.  New editions, 1899; 1907.

An Almanac of Twelve Sports for 1898.  By William Nicholson.  Words by Rudyard Kipling (Heinemann). 1897.

The Day’s Work (Macmillan). 1898.  New editions, 1899; 1908.

A Fleet in Being:  Notes of Two Trips with the Channel Squadron (Macmillan). 1898.

Stalky & Co. (Macmillan). 1899.  New edition, 1908.

From Sea to Sea (Macmillan). 2 volumes. 1900.  New edition, 1908.  The volumes contain also Letters of Marque, The City of Dreadful Night and The Smith Administration.

The Science of Rebellion [Pamphlet] (Vacher). 1901.

Kim (Macmillan). 1901.  New edition, 1908.

Just-So Stories, for Little Children (Macmillan). 1902.  New editions, 1903; 1908; 1913.

The Five Nations (Methuen). 1903.  New editions, 1908; 1913.

Traffics and Discoveries (Macmillan). 1904.  New edition, 1908.

Puck of Pook’s Hill (Macmillan). 1906.  New edition, 1908.

A Pocket Edition of Mr Kipling’s Works was issued during 1907 and 1908, the verse by Methuen & Co., the prose by Macmillan & Co.  After 1908 the works issued by Macmillan & Co. appear simultaneously in the ordinary library edition, the pocket edition and the edition de luxe.

Doctors:  an Address delivered at the Middlesex Hospital (Macmillan). 1908.

Actions and Reactions (Macmillan). 1909.

The Dead King. [A Poem] (Hodder & Stoughton). 1910.

Rewards and Fairies (Macmillan). 1910.

A School History of England, By C. R. L. Fletcher and Rudyard Kipling (Clarendon Press). 1911.

The Collected Verse of Rudyard Kipling (Hodder & Stoughton). 1912.  This edition does not contain the Departmental Ditties nor the Rhymes for Nicholson’s Almanac.

Simples Contes des Collines (Nelson). 1912.

The Bombay Edition of the Works in Verse and Prose of Rudyard Kipling. 23 volumes (Macmillan). 1913-1915.

Songs from Books (Macmillan). 1913.

The Service Edition of some of the works of Rudyard Kipling:  Verse, 8 volumes (Methuen); prose, 26 volumes (Macmillan). 1914-1915.

The New Army in Training (Macmillan). 1915.


[Some of Mr Kipling’s earlier stories and poems, as well as certain later poems that are non-copyright in America, have been issued in an almost bewildering variety of arrangement and by many different publishers.  Full enumeration of these variants is not attempted in this bibliography.]

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