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matter of fact, there are none.  Asiatic ideas about women collided violently with facts which any Canadian takes for granted and does not talk about!  No Anglo-Saxon (thank God) is too ladylike not to have a bit of the warrior woman left in her blood.  The Hindu was thrown out of that house.  Then the woman reasoned with the blind persistence peculiar to any conscientious good woman, who always puts theory in place of fact!  There are blackguards in every race.  There are scoundrels among Englishmen in India.  Why should she allow one criminal among the Hindus to prejudice her against this whole people?  And she at once took another Hindu man servant in the house.  This time she kept him in the kitchen and garden.  Within a month the same thing happened with a little daughter.  This Hindu also went out on his head.  No more were employed in that house.  That woman’s husband was one of the Pacific Coast clergymen who passed the resolution, “that the Hindus would not affiliate with our Canadian civilization.”

Personally I think that resolution would have been a great deal more enlightening to the average Easterner if the ministerial association had plainly called a spade a spade.


With the Chinaman conditions are different.  In the first place, since China obtained freedom from the old cast-iron dynasty, Chinamen have not wanted to colonize in Canada.  The leaders of the young China party laid their plots and published their liberty journals from presses in the basement of Vancouver and Victoria shops, but having gained their liberty, they went back to China.  The Chinaman does not want to colonize.  He does not want a vote.  He wants only to earn his money on the Pacific Coast and hoard it and go home to China with it.  The fact that he does not want to remain in the country but comes only to work and go back has always been used as an argument against him.  Neither does he consider himself your equal.  Nor does he want to marry your daughter, nor have you consider him a prince of the royal blood in disguise—­a pose in which the little Jap is as great an adept as the English cockney who drops enough “h’s” to build a monument, all the while he is telling you of his royal blue blood.  If you mistake the Chinaman for a prince in disguise, the results will be just what they were with a poor girl In New York four or five years ago.  The results will be just what they always are when you mistake a mongrel for a thoroughbred.

All the same, dismiss the idea from your mind that labor is behind the opposition to Chinese immigration!  A few years ago, when Oriental labor came tumbling into British Columbia at the rate of twelve thousand in a single year—­when the Chinese alone had come to number fifteen or sixteen thousand—­labor was alarmed; but a twofold change has taken place since that time.  First, labor has found that it can better control the Chinaman by letting him enter Canada, than by keeping him in China and letting the product of cheap labor come in.  Second, the Chinaman has demonstrated his solidarity as a unit in the labor war.  If he comes, he will not foregather with capital.  That is certain!  He will affiliate with the unions for higher wages.

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