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“FAMILY COMPACT”:  a governing clique, 9; mentioned, 14, 226, 242.

FRANCHISE, in Canada, 232-233.

FUR TRADE, account of, 294-322.

GEORGE, LLOYD:  mentioned, 56, 57; Canada not interested in theories of, 58; effects of tax system of upon investment in Canada, 104.


GLADSTONE, EDWARD E., attitude of toward colonies, 42.

GORDON, CHARLES, investigates mining strike, 117.

GOVERNOR-GENERAL:  appointment and powers of, 43-44, 228-230; appoints provincial judges, 236.

GRAND BANKS, mentioned, 323.

GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC:  has dock in Seattle, 173, 174; its low mountain grade, 182.

GREAT BRITAIN:  withholds self-government from Oregon region, 11; food requirements of, 36; grants no trade favors to her colonies, 43; dependence of Canada upon, 43-45; trade of with the United States, 62-63; her dependencies, 95; immigration from, 95-110; allied with Japan, 127, 132; as a world policeman, 137; shipyards of, 171; need of shortest wheat route to, 197; eighty per cent. of Canada’s agricultural products go to, 202; acquires Canada, 224; secret of her success as a colonial power, 269; overplus of women in, 265; rise of as a world power, 269; her navy Canada’s chief defense, 289; what defeat of her navy would mean to Canada, 292-293; importance of Newfoundland to her possessions in America, 323; will not interfere with Canada’s destiny, 333.

GREAT CLAY BELT; described, 33; mentioned, 303.

HENDRY, ANTHONY, first white fur-trader in Saskatchewan country, 314.

HILL, JAMES:  he and associates buy large coal areas, 66; predicts bread famine in United States, 88; on rights of the public, 175; on western fruit crop, 181; wheat empire of, 198, 208; a Canadian, 278.

HINDUS:  agitation against in British Columbia, 129; problem of in Canada, 138-167; possible effects on constitution of unlimited immigration of, 245; troops rushed across Canada, 286.

HOPKINSON:  murder of, 144; had secret information regarding Hindus, 144, 153.

HUDSON BAY RAILROAD, account of, 191-209.

HUDSON’S BAY COMPANY; monopoly of, 11; journals of mention mineral deposits, 35; governor of testifies that farming can not succeed in Rupert’s Land, 271; effect of contentions regarding Northwest, 276; trade of, 297-298; former monopoly of, 299; mentioned, 302.

HUDSON STRAITS, the crux of the Hudson Bay route, 206-209.

HUNTERS’ LODGES, raids of, 8.

ICELANDERS, story of in Manitoba, 122-123.

IMMIGRATION:  increase in ten years, 20; from Great Britain, 51, 95-110; American immigration into Canada, 61-79; from continental Europe, 111-126; from the Orient, 127-167; probable effect of Panama Canal upon, 176.

IMPERIAL FEDERATION, a dead issue in Canada, 47.

INDIANS:  number of in the fur trade, 294; rights of Indian wives married to white men, 266.

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