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ALBERTA:  size of, 16, 39; coal deposits of, 38; investment of British capital in, 104; distance from seaboard, 180; rate from on wheat to Fort William, 187-188; distance from Montreal, 195; from Great Lakes, 199.

“AMERICANIZING OF CANADA,” discussion of, 61-79.

AMERICANS:  emigration of to Canada, 65, 72, 273; investments of in Canada, 66, 80, 92; as pioneers, 74, 76; sell ranches as rawnches, 105; trade of with Canada, 128; attitude of Americans in Canadian Northwest to Monroe Doctrine, 244; view of opportunity, 280.  See also UNITED STATES.

ARBITRATION ACT, defects of, 220.

BELL, GRAHAM, a Canadian, 278.

BIG BUSINESS, does not dominate government in Canada, 212, 223.

BORDEN, ROBERT:  social prestige of, 4; a self-made man, 53; new premier, 91; one of Canada’s great men, 109; naval policy of, 283, 285.

BRITISH COLUMBIA:  demands self-government, 11; railway to planned, 14; larger than two Germanies, 16; climate of, 22; coal deposits of, 38; description of, 40-41; investment of British capital in, 104; opposes Oriental immigration, 129-133; coming of Hindus into and problem of, 141 et seq.

BRITISH NORTH AMERICA ACT:  the Canadian Constitution, 11; mentioned, 42, 111, 245; elasticity of, 51; constitution of Canada, 223; provisions of, 228.

BROWN, GEORGE, favors reciprocity, 82.

CABINET, how chosen and to whom responsible, 229.

CANADA NORTHERN:  builds repair shops at Port Mann, 179; uses electric power in tunnels, 182; aided by government, 193.

CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY:  builds repair shops at Coquitlam, 179; tunnel of through Mount Stephen, 182; aided by government, 193.

CANADIAN SOO CANAL; tonnage passing through, 14; influence of in reducing freight rates, 38.

CHINA, an awakened giant, 168.

CHINESE:  agitation against on West Coast, 129; head tax upon, 130,164; a separate problem from that of the Hindu, 138; in British Columbia, 159-167.

CHURCHES, well attended in Canada, 252-255.

COBALT:  discovery of silver at, 34; boom in, 67.

“COBDEN-BRIGHT SCHOOL,” mentioned, 82, 84.

COCKNEYS, Canadian hostility toward, 52.

CONNAUGHT, DUKE OF, rebukes lip-loyalist, 48.

CONSERVATIVES:  tariff views of, 81-86; and appointment of judges, 234; support Family Compact, 242; principles of, 242-244; support Navy Bill, 283; oppose Laurier’s naval program, 285.

DAWSON, GEORGE, on coal deposits of Alberta and British Columbia, 38.

“DIRECT PASSAGE” LAW:  enacted, 130, 142; attempt to evade, 143, 153.

DIVORCE, low rate of, 264.

DOUKHOBORS:  are accumulating wealth, 117; law-abiding, 118; influence of priests upon, 124.

DURHAM, LORD:  work of in Canada, 226-228; report of, 274.

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