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1.  God B:  pictured 218 times. 2. " D:  " 103 " 3. " E:  " 98 " 4. " A:  " 88 " 5. " C:  " 61 " 6. " M:  " 40 " 7. " F:  " 33 "

Furthermore, interesting conclusions can be arrived at, by means of a list of those deities, who occur in the representations of the manuscripts, so united or grouped together as to make it evident that they must stand in some relation to one another. Mythologic combinations of this kind occur among the following deities and mythological animals: 

1.  In the DRESDEN MANUSCRIPT:  D and C, B and C, dog and vulture, bird and serpent, B and K.

2.  In the MADRID MANUSCRIPT:  F and M, B and M, C and M, E and M, A and E, A and D, A and F, B and C, D and C, D and E.

3.  In the PARIS MANUSCRIPT:  N and K, B and K.

The most common of these combinations are those of the deities A and F, M and F, A and E, D and C. These groups are entirely intelligible, consisting of death-god and war-god, god of the travelling merchants and war-god, death-god and maize-god (as adversaries:  meaning famine), night-god and deity of the polar star.

[Illustration:  I. Gods.




II.  Mythological Animals.

1 2 3 4 5 6]

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