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  “Washerwomen, not over aquatic,
    Says he rows ’like a mangle’—­what trash! 
  That his swing and his time are erratic;
    That he puts in his oar with a splash. 
  But these wonderful judges of rowing,
    If we win will be loud in applause;
  And declare ’the result was all owing
    To that excellent stroke, MR. LAWES.’

  “Our Coach, on the bank briskly riding,
    Will keep his strong team well together,
  His Bucephalus gamely bestriding,
    In spite of the wind and the weather. 
  For the laws of the land you may send me
    To Counsel from chambers in Town;
  For the laws of the river commend me
    To the CHAMBERS of Cambridge renown.

  “Then cheer up, beloved Father Camus! 
    Blow your nose! dry those tears that are falling;
  You will live once again to be famous,
    In spite of the prospects appalling. 
  Though dead dogs down your fair stream are floating,
    Father Cam will their odours defy;
  Though Oxford may beat us in boating,
    Yet Cambridge will ‘never say die!’”




1.  R. T. RAIKES.           1.  J. STILL.
2.  F. CROWDER.             2.  J. R. SELWYN.
3.  W. FREEMAN.             3.  J. A. BOURKE.
4.  F. WILLAN.              4.  J. FORTESCUE.
5.  E. F. HENLEY.           5.  D. F. STEVENSON.
6.  W. W. WOOD.             6.  R. A. KINGLAKE.
7.  H. P. SENHOUSE.         7.  H. WATNEY.
8.  M. BROWN.               8.  W. R. GRIFFITHS. 
Steerer—­C.  R. W. TOTTENHAM.     Steerer—­A.  FORBES.

  Attend, all ye who wish to see the names
      of each stout crew,
  Who’ve come to town from cap and gown to
      fight for their favourite blue.


  First TOTTENHAM comes, a well-known name, that
      cattle driving Cox’en. 
  Who oft to victory has steer’d his gallant team of Oxon.

  O’er Putney’s course so well can he that team in safety goad,
  That we ought to call old Father Thames the
      Oxford-Tottenham Road. 
  Then comes the Stroke, a mariner of merit and renown;
  Since dark blue are his colours, he can never be dun-brown. 
  Ye who would at your leisure his heroic deeds peruse,
  Go, read Tom Brown at Oxford by the other Tom—­TOM HUGHES. 
  Next SENHOUSE, short for Senate-house, but long
      enough for seven,
  Shall to the eight-oar’d ship impart a sen-at-orial leaven. 
  Then Number Six (no truer word was ever said in joke)
  In keeping with his name of WOOD, has heart and limbs of oak. 
  The voice of all aquatic men the praise of “Five” proclaims;
  No finer sight can eye delight than “HENLEY-upon-Thames.” 
  Then Number Four who is heaver far than a number of Macmillan,
  Though WILLAN’S his name may well

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