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A lay sung in the Temple of Minerva Girtanensis.

[Note.—­On Thursday, February 24th, 1881, three Graces were submitted to the Senate of the University of Cambridge, confirming the Report of The Syndicate appointed June 3rd, 1880, to consider four memorials relating to the Higher Education of Women.  The first two Graces were passed by majorities of 398 and 258 against 32 and 26 respectively; the third was unopposed.  The allusions in the following lay will probably be understood only by those who reside in Cambridge; but it may be stated that Professor Kennedy, Professor Fawcett, and Sir C. Dilke gave their votes and influence in favour of The Graces, while Dr. Guillemard, Mr. Wace, Mr. Potts, Professor Lumby, Dr. Perowne, Mr. Horne and Mr. Hamblin Smith voted against The Graces.]


  Aemilia Girtonensis,
    By the Nine Muses swore
  That the great house of Girton
    Should suffer wrong no more. 
  By the Muses Nine she swore it,
    And named a voting day,
  And bade her learned ladies write,
  And summon to the impending fight
    Their masters grave and gay.


  East and West and South and North
    The learned ladies wrote,
  And town and gown and country
    Have read the martial note. 
  Shame on the Cambridge Senator
    Who dares to lag behind,
  When light-blue ladies call him
    To join the march of mind.


  But by the yellow Camus
    Was tumult and affright: 
  Straightway to Pater Varius
    The Trojans take their flight—­
  ’O Varius, Father Varius,
    ’To whom the Trojans pray,
  ’The ladies are upon us! 
    ‘We look to thee this day!’


  There be thirty chosen Fellows,
    The wisest of the land,
  Who hard by Pater Varius
    To bar all progress stand: 
  Evening and morn the Thirty
    On the Three Graces sit,
  Traced from the left by fingers deft
    In the great Press of Pitt.


  And with one voice the Thirty
    Have uttered their decree—­
  ’Go forth, go forth, great Varius,
    ’Oppose the Graces Three! 
  ’The enemy already
    ’Are quartered in the town,
  ’And if they once the Tripos gain,
    ‘What hope to save the gown?’


  ’To Hiz, [1] the town of Offa,
    ’Their classes first they led,
  ’Then onward to Girtonia
    ’And Nunamantium sped: 
  ’And now a mighty army
    ’Of young and beardless girls
  ’Beneath our very citadel
    ‘A banner proud unfurls.’


  Then out spake Father Varius,
    No craven heart was his: 
  ’To Pollmen and to Wranglers
    ’Death comes but once, I wis. 
  ’And how can man live better,
    ’Or die with more renown,
  ’Than fighting against Progress
    ‘For the rights of cap and gown?’

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